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World Mission Sunday: Good Shepherd Sisters
in foreign lands

Submitted by: regina
On: 17/10/2010

October 17 is World Mission Sunday and we remember missionaries serving in different continents.

Good Shepherd Sisters from the Philippines participate in proclaiming the Good News in the country but also in foreign mission.

There are 33 Good Shepherd Sisters in foreign mission, collaborating with the work of the congregation in uplifting the lives of women and children. Those in the country participate in the mission through education, residential programs, pastoral work and other ministries.

Our Filipina sisters in foreign mission include:

Srs. Yolanda Borbon and Genoveva Dumay (Generalate, Rome, Italy); Tarcila Abaño (Mother House, Angers, France); Felicitas Nisperos, Peter Eymard Chua (HongKong -Northeast Asia Province), Rosalina Wee (Taiwan, Northeast Asia), Rosa Viloria (Macau, Northeast Asia), Rita Danganan (South Korea- Northeast Asia); Bonaventure Mirasol (Thailand- East Asia Province); Celeste Yuzon, Mercy Ang (Japan);

Srs. Carmelita Medenilla, Clemencia Flora (Ethiopia -Ireland/Ethiopia Province); Fe de Paz CGS (Angola); Lourdes Sevilla (Kenya); Juanita Daño (Senegal); Mary John Dumaug (Sudan - Province of Egypt/Sudan); Magdalena Oliva CGS, Elizabeth Garciano CGS and Elena Jalop CGS (Innsbruck, Austria - Province of Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic); Tomasita Antigua, Angela Battung (Canada);

Srs. Mercy de Leon, Bernard Derayunan, Olga Malou Cristobal, Fidelis Lubos, Nativitas Albert, Rosalinda Sobremisana, Stanislaus de Plonia, Jude Uy, Stella Mangona, (Mid-North), Edith Olaguer (New York), Carmelita Arenas and Corazon Malinay are also in the United States engaged in various ministries.

In the Philippines, the Good Shepherd Sisters have 22 communities for apostolic sisters and four for contemplatives.

In its almost 100 years of presence  in the Philippines, the Good Shepherd Sisters have many members who volunteered and served in foreign mission, bringing with them the zeal of St. Mary Euphrasia who followed faithfully the footsteps of the Good Shepherd.

Established in Angers, France in 1835, the Good Shepherd Congregation, is present in 72 countries and shares in God's mission of reconciliation.



  October 17: Canonization 

Six Blesseds were canonized by Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican on October 17, 2010, World Mission Sunday.

Stanislaw So?tys (Kazimierczyk)
André (Alfred) Bessette
Cándida María de Jesús Cipitria y Barriola
Mary of the Cross (Mary Helen) MacKillop
Giulia Salzano
Battista (Camilla) Varano

Two RGS Filipina missionaries, Srs. Genoveva "Genny" Dumay and Tarcila "Tars" Abano. were among the thousands who attended the ceremonies.

Sr. Genny is program officer of the Mission Development Office of the congregation in Rome, while Sr. Tars is a member of the Spirituality Center of the Mother House in Angers, France.