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Medical team offers services to typhoon victims

Submitted by: regina
On: 13/10/2009

A medical team of Good Shepherd Sisters and friends offered free medical services and medicines to the victims of typhoon Ondoy in Bagong Silangan, Quezon City on October 13.

The team was composed of a doctor, two nurses, a pharmacist, and several sisters who assisted as medical secretaries and helped in dispensing medicines to the children and adult patients.

The Medical Mission called, Pastulan ng Kalusugan, was organized by the Good Shepherd Sisters in coordination with Fr. Arnel Glodobe OCarm and Bro Gilbert Billena OCarm of Sagrada Familia parish.

Sr. Ailyn Binco RGS, said that the group originally promised to attend to some 50 patients, but as more people needed medical attention, the group had to accommodate more.

Pastulan ng Kalusugan, a medical mission, organized by Good Shepherd Sisters for the parishioners of Sagrada Familia in Baong Silangan.The medical mission, was also an occasion listen to the people's stories as neighbors helped one another during the typhoon or felt helpless seeing neighbors getting carried away by the strong current while they tried to hold on to a tree.

Another sister, Sr. Jane Pineda RGS, who is with the EDSA Shrine counselling center, Tanglaw, came with four lay volunteers and helped in stress -debriefing the victims.  Ms. Mila Alfonso, Ching Daclan, Annie Lucban and Rose Roig  listened as the victims shared their stories of the floods, how they lost their family members or the small properties that they had.

During the medical mission, a total of 123 persons were able to avail of free medical services and medicines. Of the 123 patients, 59 are children and 64 are adults. Sr. Ailyn said that among the patients 42  are male and 81 female.

Among the ailments identified were upper respiratory tract infection (with symptoms of cough, fever, sore throat), gastro entiritis, fungal infection, gastritis-dyspepsia, myalgia (muscle pain), hyper tension  and bronchial asthma.            

Thanks to our friends and benefactors for the help they gave that enabled us to buy medicines for the victims of typhoon Ondoy.

Medical Mission Team (Pastulan ng Kalusugan)

Pre-novice Marjory Visconde (doctor); Sr. Emma Marzan (nurse); Ms. Leny Monje (nurse, Lay volunteer), Ms. Allen Antonio (pharmacist). Good Shepherd Sisters also helped as medical secretaries Srs. Teresita Figueroa, Marites Mahinay; helped to dispense medicines to patients, Srs. Teresa Danganan, Regina Kuizon, Myraluna Atian and pre-novice Teresa Garcia. Srs. Ailyn Binco, Maureen Catabian and Jane Pineda helped in counselling and stress-debriefing  the victims. Four lay affiliates who are with Tanglaw counselling center at EDSA Shrine also came:  Mila Alfonso, Ching Daclan, Annie  Lucban and Rose Roig.

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