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+Kristel Mae Padasas: Bridgetine

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 24/01/2015


"Out of a million who wanted to serve the Lord and see Pope Francis, it was her that God picked out ," were the  profoundly sad  words of Kristel Mae's grandfather, with deep faith, love and humility.

"Maymay" was Mr. and Mrs.Cleofe's oldest granddaughter, the only child of their second daughter, Judy, who herself has 9 siblings , and  who have now  given them 17 grandchildren and one great grandson.   Judy went  to Hong Kong to become a domestic helper in order to make sure  Kristel Mae would finish her college education. Maymay finished her BS Psychology in Adamson University in 2008.

Kristel Mae was born on June 22, 1987, in Barangay Tambo, Buhi, Camarines Sur. After her elementary education  she became a Bridgetine, graduating in 2004. At 27 years, on January 18, 2015, after the Holy Father's Mass in Tacloban Airport, Kristel was killed by a falling scaffolding and was pronounced "dead on arrival' at the  hospital nearest to the Tacloban airport.

The school yearbook describes her as "malaogma ever". No one noticed when she had a problem because of her laughter which she described as the best medicine. They said she was everybody's big sister because she was always on call, "ate dito, ate doon", a  spirit of service  she must have inherited from  her grandfather, who described himself as one of the  old  [RGS] Sisters' helper, in the first years of St. Bridget School, when the BRSDC [Buhi Rural Social Development Center] was being established.

Kristel's motto in her high school days was, "What matters in this life is not how happy you are, it is how happy others are because of you" Your grandparents proudly say you will be in heaven waiting for them to introduce them to the Lord, when it is time for them to go.

Kristel, you have made us all  in  SBS  very happy because of your example of love and service, and giving your life for others. You volunteered  for a whole year to help the survivors of typhoon Yolanda, as a member of the monitoring and evaluation team based in Salcedo, in Eastern Samar. On Friday, you traveled 128 kilometers from Eastern Samar to serve as a volunteer of Catholic Life Services for the papal Mass. You helped distribute the raincoats: did you hand the one directly for Pope Francis?

And then God chose you to go home to Heaven.  What a beautiful way to die!  The St, Bridget School Alumni Association, the graduates of Batch 2004, the whole St. Bridget School,  are so proud of you



By Sr. Maryanne Terrenal, RGS
One of the first RGS  to be missioned  to SBS Buhi