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Heart of Mary Villa at 1043

Submitted by: regina
On: 09/11/2010

Heart of Mary Villa (HMV) moved to a new location. The following is a letter from those at HMV.)

A year and five days after Ondoy, we completely transferred on October 1, 2010 to the building formerly occupied by Bahay Ugnayan.  The right wing is the Maternity Home, part of the left wing are offices and Convent, on the ground floor are offices and the Convent Oratory, and the conference room is the temporary nursery.  We are now freed from fear of being submerged in water-eight-feet-high! 

Thanks be to GOD!  Our gratitude likewise to our Province Leadership Team and the last community of Bahay Ugnayan who understood our plight and made a decision for the transfer.  Our heart goes to the staff of Bahay Ugnayan who made sacrifices for our mission to women and children.  To them we are likewise grateful and we keep them in our prayer that they be blessed in ways we may not know of.

Our telephone numbers:  913-0875;  telefax: 913-1432.

The construction of the new nursery is ongoing.  We dared start the construction with whatever have been contributed by generous people.  We believe God will continue to inspire people to finish the home of the babies.  Help us pray that we can have the blessing on February 8, 2011, on the fifty-fourth anniversary of Heart of Mary Villa. 

Sisters at HMV


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