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"You have a heart created to love and to be grateful!."

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 02/11/2015

On this day, All Souls' Day, we remember all our departed Good Shepherd Sisters, apostolic and contemplative, mission partners, benefactors, people we served, friends, family members and those who need our prayers.

From St. Mary Euphrasia: 

My dear daughters, you feel keenly when you do not meet with gratitude in those from whom you have the right to expect it... After God, Our Lady and Holy Church to whom are  we indebted?

Our good father de Neuville. Who could ever tell the whole story of his generosity. 

Our good mother, the Countess d'Andigne. Our worthy and devout benefactress. what has she not done for us? 

Two outstanding Sisters. If there havve been grateful souls in the Congregation one would well say they were our two virtuous Assistants General Mary of St. Chantal of Jesus and Mary Theresa of Jesus who were moreover also among our great benefactors. They both said to me, "Mother, we never received in the world such a great favour as you did in accepting us as your daughters." Ad yet, their fine natural qualities, joined to their wealth made them appear to be happy in the world. You know their gifts to us, how much they helped us, and you have seen how, at the same time they were simple. obedient and full of self-denying zeal. All because they were humble and grateful souls who knew how to appreciate the mighty favour of their vocations, and looked upon themselves as the least of all... 

Our venerated Father Eudes was extremely grateful, and it was obviously his wish that his daugthers should cultivate this virtue.

Frequently pray for all your benefactors whether spiritual or material, to to Communion for their intentions as prescribed... Reward , O Lord our benefactors by giving them eternal blessings."

From our Good Shepherd Constitutions:

We remember our sisters whom the Lord has called to himself. Joined with them in the communion of saints, we pray for them personally and in community.