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First Education Forum

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 08/08/2015

For the first time, the four St. Bridget Schools gathered together July 24-25, 2015.  The theme was:  Education Forum:  Forging New Directions.  This was organized by the Ministry Team in order:

1.    - To assess the RGS Education Ministry and the four St. Bridget Schools.

2.    - To define the strategic focus of the RGS Education Ministry in the four St. Bridget Schools

3.    - To formulate the strategic goals for each strategic focus defined

4.    To identify the specific strategies and actions to attain the  goals for the RGS Education Ministry and the four St. Bridget Schools for the next 5  years.

The venue was at the Rosary Hall of the Good Shepherd Community.  There were 40 participants:  16 Sisters and 17 Lay Mission Partners from the four schools and 7 guests.

Sr. Regina Kuizon, Province leader, welcomed the participants.  She reminded the sisters and lay mission partners that we have “A history which exemplified energy and risk-taking.”  “Today’s forum gives each one an opportunity for better understanding of our mission, and how one ministry supports the other.   Providing quality education to our students, prepare them to be our mission partners in addressing the global issues of today :  victims of human trafficking and other forms of inequality and injustice,”  she added.

She touched on the  Direction Statements of the Congregational Chapter that just concluded in Angers, France, identifying the present needs of today as poverty, human trafficking, forced migration, refugees, gender inequality, violence toward women and children and religious intolerance.

She concluded with a  challenge: “May we, sisters and mission partners gathered today for the Education Forum, and with the Direction Statements as guide, form a strong communion with our Province and the new Congregational Team as we collaborate and risk together for mission.”

Sister Ananita Borbon, Councillor for Ministry, introduced the resource speaker, Dra. Ma. Celeste T. Gonzales, from the Ateneo University.   Within the two days alloted for the Forum, Dra. Gonzales led the participants formulate the strategic goals for each strategic focus namely:   Congregational Thrust, School Leadership and Management, School Viability, Curriculum and Instruction and Learning Resources.

The participants went home with an assignment to submit on October, 2015, the school’s strategic plan for 2016-2021 – a five-year plan.  Finalization will then take place and define its implementation and monitoring.