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Easter Greetings

Submitted by: regina
On: 05/04/2010


Jesus is risen!  Alleluia!

April 4, 2010

Dear Sisters and Friends,


          “Oh Jesus, Jesus,. With what great love You have loved us.

            Oh Jesus, Jesus, with what great love You love.”


This refrain from a famous song, “With What Great Love” by Carey Landry gives us so much reason to rejoice as we remember and celebrate
the Resurrection of Jesus.

It is love that impelled Jesus to offer his life for us. It is love that raised him
to life.

The Holy  Week rites  gathered us and united us with all believers,
Good Shepherd  Sisters and friends all over the world. Our journey with God called on us to action to offer more for the poor, be in solidarity with the pain of those who suffer. The Washing of the Feet on Holy Thursday kept us closer to the 12 sectors of society that we wanted to pray for: indigenous peoples,  migrant workers,  women, victims of human rights violations,
students, youth, professionals, laity, religious men and women, government workers,  peasants and workers.

An agape followed our celebrations while we brought during  our 
Vigil Adoration and during the succeeding days, Good Friday and Holy

Saturday, our intentions for conversion of hearts, for government leaders,
for peaceful May 2010 Philippine elections, for rain and to spare the world from major earthquakes.

Our Lenten Journey has ended with the triumph of the Cross. Alleluia!
Christ is risen!

            “Through Him, the will of the Father  has been done.
              And we shall have long life.”

Happy Easter to all.

Sr. Cecilia Torres  RGS and the  Good Shepherd Sisters
Philippine Province


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1. Tarcila Abano

Very dear Cecile -- Thank you so much for such a Spirit-filled Easter greetings. Feel na feel deep in my heart and in my bones that the Holy Spirit was truly hovering over all your Holy Week services. It makes me feel so happy and justifiably proud to be part of the Philippine Province. Amen, Alleluia! The Lord indeed is truly Risen, alleluia!

2. Carmelita Arenas, RGS

Dear Cecile,
Thank you for the creative, beautiful ly alive celebration of Easter & recall with delight the 5 unique communities becoming one in prayer & celebration plus the big 4, the young ones in mission & formation & our international missionaries. I love every moment of my stay & reconnection w/ the Sisters & w/ the different sectors of the ministry. Sa gitna ng kahirapan, buhay at nagbibigay buhay ang mapagpalang diwa ng Espiritu. sa bawat kapatid. Carm Arenas

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