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Disaster Risk Reduction sessions conducted in Quezon City and Cebu City

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 07/09/2019

A Disaster Risk Reduction session was held in Good Shepherd Convent on August 7, participated in by apostolic and contemplative sisters and the lay staff/mission partners in Metro Manila.

Among the communities that sent representatives to the session were, Provincialate, Good Shepherd Community, Heart of Mary Villa, St. Bridget School-Quezon City, Formation Communities-- novitiate and temporary professed, and Welcome House Tahanan in Paco and Sta. Ana.

Engr. Roselyn Kuizon talked to sisters and staff about Republic Act 10121 that was issued on May 27, 2010, a law on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act. She explained on how th enational goverrnment, local government units, soceity and private sector can help one another to minimize the impact of a disaster. Particular emphasis was placed on how we can be prepared for the Big One of the earthquake that can have a 7.2 magnitude that can hit Metro Manila.

The session was necessary as there are new staff and sisters who are now in the Good Shepherd Convent in Quezon City which is not far from the Marikina West Valley fault line. In 2014, Msgr. Clemente Ignacio and his team were also invited to give session to the sisters and staff. A follow up session in 2015, enabled the participants to do some tasking and identify the possible hazards in the compound, that could aggravate the situation in case a disaster happens.   

During the August 7 session, participants grouped per community and formed committees that would take on responsiblities for food, medical, security and to assist the vulnerable members in the compound and the neighborhood especially the women, children and the elderly sisters.

Question and answer portion made it clear to the participants the affected areas of West Valley Fault, the practical ways to cope with the disaster. Scheduled emergency drill will be on September 17.

Another session was also given on September 5 in Villa Maria, Cebu City where sisters and staff participated in the session conducted by Engr. Roselyn.


Sessions in Banawa Hills, Cebu.  (Photos by Sr. Elena Jalop)