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30th Congregational Chapter opens June 7
at the Mother House in Angers, France

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 07/06/2015

The 30th Congregational Chapter of the Religious of the Good Shepherd, apostolic and contemplative opened June 7, the Feast of Corpus Christi, at the Motherhouse in Angers, France.

Theme of the Chapter is, "Energized by the Spirit, we risk together for mission."

The Congregational Chapter is a collegial assembly and the highest authority within the congregation. Representative of the congregation, it is a sign of unity and an expressionof the participation and interest of all the members in the progress of our mission (Constitutions 116)

A total of 132 participants are attending the Chapter including 97  ex- officio and elected delegates, three temporary professed sisters, 3 invited congregational leader delegates, the congregational treasurer and and justice and peace office person, nine mission partners as guests, and 17 resource persons that include chapter coordination team, a presenter, 2 facilitators, communications team, interpreters and secretaries.

Filipina delegates include Sr. M. Regina Kuizon, Sr. Ma. Alicia Andres, Sr. Elena Jalop, elected one of two contemplative delegates for the Asia Pacific. Other Filipinas who are at the Chapter are Sr. Ma.Yolanda Borbon, congregational treasurer and Sr. Ma. Teresa Pomar, congregational contemplative councillor.

Sr. M Michelle Gamboa and Sr. Justa Morgia are also in Angers for their renewal program, timed during the Congregational Chapter.

The Opening liturgy of the Chapter began at the Motherhouse garden at 9:30 a.m. and ended at the chapel was led by Sr. M. Brigid Lawlor, congregational leader. The Opening Mass, on the other hand, was presided by Fr. Camilo Bernal Hadad, superior general of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary.

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