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Easter Message of Sr. Brigid and Congregational Leadership Team

Submitted by: regina
On: 21/04/2014

Easter 2014

“On entering the tomb, they saw a young man in a white robe…
He said to them: There is no need to be so amazed.  You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified; He has risen, He is not here…  He is going ahead of you to Galilee, that is where you will see Him, as He told you…”

Mark 16: 5–7


Dear Sisters and Friends - Mission Partners,

Jesus is Risen! Alleluia!

The liturgy of these days invites us to go beyond our fears and our amazements. It calls us to listen to Jesus, in order to find Him ahead of us and alive in our reality. The women going to the tomb did not find things as they expected. Facing something so different, they could not believe. They came out and ran away.

“The death and resurrection of Jesus anticipates what is intended for the whole Universe: union and transformation in God. The Resurrection is about new life and shows that new life is possible if we are willing to die to the old self and engage a new life for a new future”.

We believe that new life is possible. However, we see that the whole universe is burdened with situations of hate and war, persecution and injustice, violence and natural catastrophe. It, too, continues to be crucified and waits for transformation in God. We invite you to reflect on specific situations in your countries, units, communities, ministries, etc.

In these situations, how do we manifest our faith in our Risen Lord?

Are we ready to die to the old self and engage in a new life for a new future?

We are going to walk into the unknown, as we prepare ourselves for the newness of our reunification through merger with the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity, the Congregational Assembly of Contemplative Sisters, the Intercontinental Assemblies, and the Congregational Chapter. Are we going to run away? Or, with Jesus, are we going to “wake up the world and be witnesses to a different way of doing things, of acting, of living?”2 It is possible to live differently in the world! Every day we are called to let go, to leave the tomb, and to walk with our Risen Lord.

We wish you joy and hope at this time of Easter!


With our love and union in our Risen Lord,

Sr. Brigid Lawlor and the Congregational Leadership Team