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Chapter Statement

Submitted by: regina
On: 25/03/2014

10th Province Chapter

Philippine Province of the Good Shepherd

March 14 - 23, 2014

Maryridge, Tagaytay City
Chapter Statement


To this sacred moment, our 10th Province Chapter, we have come. It is God’s sacred time, God’s sacred space. To it we are called as children of this missionary Triune God.

The mission field from which we come and to which we are sent is a hurting archipelago, in a hurting planet Earth, in a hurting cosmos. We promise a  return that is SPIRIT-FIRED, risking with hope for mission. St. Peter exhorts us to always be ready to account for our hope (1 Peter 3:15). He points of course to the Resurrection, the ball of Fire that can pierce every dark corner of any hurting locus of mission – if we who are there would live it.

With Pope Francis, we dream of a Church that is missionary and poor. How shall we do this? In the strength of our Constitutions, we know we   cannot dream this without being     contemplative and apostolic. We know too that, in this Year of the Laity, we journey in partnership with them, even as we also cherish the clergy and religious who have walked with us through the years.

We dare to risk living:

· a vow of zeal that translates into bold decisions for restructuring of communities, material resources and governance that will bear fruit in prophetic ministries. We heard our prophetic voices from the “fire wall” and from the group reflections on broad directions. We spoke of the need to prioritize, consolidate, streamline and redirect ministries to free ourselves for the new demands of mission.

· a vow of chastity that renews our signature ministries to girls and women while also heeding the call of Pope John Paul II in Redemptoris Missio to bring the Good News to the new Areopaguses of our time – persons in situations of trafficking, migration, abuse in its diabolical forms and recovery from super    calamities. More and more, we    desire to do this renewed evangelization in friendship and companionship with our partners in mission. 

· a vow of poverty that expresses   itself in stewardship for mission that continually reviews, for resource generation and just allocation, the resources of our sustainability.

·         a vow of obedience that is mindful of the urgency of the call to · the  mission of the Good Shepherd, aware of the expanse of the vineyard and the scarcity of laborers. This takes concrete shape in vocation and mission promotion. When we put leadership and governance at the service of mission, the training of the next generation of leaders is ensured; discernment, consultation and confidentiality  constitute the discipline of governance that is both firm and tender

The fulfilment of this hope rests on the quality of our Good Shepherd spirituality. The tradition of caring that best  expresses that spirituality would have us embrace the whole cosmos in which we find the wounded, the broken, the  hurting – even among ourselves.          A holistic formation will address the necessary configuration into Christ the Good Shepherd of everyone whom He has called to continue His mission.

This is a Chapter of celebration. We celebrate the fulfilment of a dream of St. Mary Euphrasia who lived in the spirit of St. John Eudes – the reuniting through merger of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity and the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd as one congregation. We also celebrate our 100 years of mission history which Sr. Brigid Lawlor in her Chapter message appreciates for its stability that yet demonstrates flexibility.

This Chapter has been for us a Pentecost experience. We can say this because, beyond our expectations, for nine days it was a novena of freedom and hesitation, seriousness and humor, solemnity and ease, contemplation and action.

We acknowledge the vital role of the Preparatory Committee in facilitating the 

Pre-Chapter prayer and hard work of all the communities with their partners in mission.

As we thank Sr. Mary Cecilia Torres and the outgoing Province Leadership Team, we also announce the transition of leadership to Sr. Mary Regina Kuizon and the new Province Leadership Team at a Eucharistic celebration on June 29, 2014.