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Sr. M. Julian's Golden Story

Submitted by: regina
On: 15/10/2010

On the feast of the Nativity of Our Lady last September 8, Sr. Mary Julian Limquico RGS celebrated her Golden Jubilee as Good Shepherd Sister during the Eucharistic Celebration held at the Good Shepherd Chapel, 1043 Aurora Blvd., Quezon City.,

It was 50 years ago, on September 8, 1960, that Sr. Mary Julian pronounced her first vows in Los Angeles California, USA, where Filipino sisters had their novitiate since the Philippines, at that time, belonged to the Los Angeles Province.

Main celebrant during the Mass for the golden jubilee was Fr. Rocky Evangelista SDB, of Tuloy sa Don Bosco, a center for street children.

Participating in the celebrations were members of  Sr. Mary Julian's family, Good Shepherd Sisters from various communities, lay mission partners and friends.

Fr. Rocky, in his homily, lauded how Sr. Julian has been helping the poor, including children, the girls and women she met in residences, the street children and young boys she met on the streets and in prison.

Sr. Angelina Sanchez RGS performed a liturgical dance, Mailgayang Bati, in honor of Our Lady.

Below are the highlights of her 50 years as Good Shepherd Sister.

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Introduction by Sr. Mary Suzanne Sinense RGS


September 8, 2010


Welcome and thank you for joining us to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Profession of Sr. Mary Julian.  On a beautiful summer morning, fifty years ago, in our convent in Los Angeles, California, Sr. Julian pronounced her first vows as a Sister of the Good Shepherd.  At that time, there was no novitiate yet here in the Philippines and we all had to go to Los Angeles for our Novitiate formation.

But this “golden story” did not really begin in that chapel in California.  It actually began right here in this compound which we call 1043 Aurora Boulevard.  In God’s mysterious ways, He led Gloria Limquico, then a young pharmacist by profession to this spot which then had the quaint address of Kilometer 13, Marikina.  Cubao then was a wilderness of cogon grass and it only cost 10 centavos from Quiapo to Cubao.  But when Gloria entered the green gate on Kilometer 13 and walked under the fragrant calachuchis lining the driveway, she felt at home right away. 

And who introduced her to this congregation she had never heard of before?  One of her officemates, Violeta Serrano, who had studied in St. Bridget’s, Batangas, was the instrument used by God to introduce our Jubilarian to the Good Shepherd.  At that visit, Gloria met Sr. M. Francis Flynn, the new Superior of Quezon City who had been a missionary to China and had recently been released from house arrest by the Communists when they confiscated all the religious houses there.  Mother Francis invited Gloria to a weekly gathering of young ladies interested in the Good Shepherd way of life. 

From those weekly “classes” it was an easy transition to become a live-in aspirant and get a closer look at the life and ministry of the Sisters.  Being a pharmacist, she was assigned to teach Biology and Science to the girls in St. Euphrasia’s during her aspirancy.  After a year of aspirancy, it was time to make a decision.  By now, she knew she wanted to embrace the Good Shepherd religious life. 

She went home to Majayjay to inform her parents but her father gave an adamant “No” for an answer.  She tried several times but her Papa refused to change his mind.  Being of age, she really did not need his permission so she decided to go ahead and prepare for the trip to L.A.  With the moral support of her spiritual director, Fr. Guererro, and the practical help of Sr. Ann Fiel and Fr. Bello, all the necessary preliminaries were accomplished.  A few days before flying out, she hid in Maryridge, Tagaytay, and from there proceeded to the airport. 

At last she reached the novitiate in L.A and had a joyous reunion with the other aspirants she had known in Quezon City, now postulants or novices.  But she carried the pain of her father’s non-acceptance of her vocation.  Thankfully, the novitiate formation passed quickly and Gloria who had received the name Sr. Mary of St. Julian (after her father) went through the studies and formative experiences of the noviceship, quietly hoping for a reconciliation with her beloved parents. 

Then, on September 8, 1960, she pronounced her first vows, the anniversary we are celebrating today.  Soon after, she was winging her way back to the Philippines as a young professed sister.  It was not too long when her father finally relented and the hoped-for reconciliation brought joy to all in the family. 

Sister Julian’s ministry in the Philippine Province has been quite varied.  She has worked with the tiny tots of Maryridge in the early 60’s as well as the teenagers of St. Euphrasia’s and the unwed mothers in Malabon.  She was among the pioneer sisters who taught catechism in the public schools soon after Vatican II which allowed us to go out of the cloister and work outside. 

She enjoyed her years as teacher in St. Bridget’s, both in Quezon City and in Buhi, Camarines Sur.  She also had several years experience of campus ministry at Philippine Normal University and Polytechnic University of the Philippines.  She considers her work with the prisoners of the Manila City Jail as a very relevant and fulfilling ministry.  An overseas assignment was her mission in Guam, working with the teenaged girls referred by the juvenile court.  These have been truly golden years for our Jubilarian and we are glad you can join us today in thanking God for all the graces of these past 50 years.  




1. Ludy Mcmanus

Congratulations, Sr Mary Julian on your golden jubilee. I will always treasure the memory of your presence in our Contemplative convent in Quezon City as our assistant 'mother superior', so many years ago. Congratulations again and may God continue to bless your varied and storied ministries in the name of our beloved Bon Pasteur.

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