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29th Congregational Chapter: A year after

Submitted by: regina
On: 11/06/2010


A year ago has passed since the opening of the 2009 Congregational Chapter  of Good Shepherd Sisters held in Angers, France.

Held from June 13 –July 9, 2009, the 29th Chapter gathered 89 capitulants representing the more than 40 units where we are in 72 countrres in the world. The theme was, “Weavers of Compassion and Reconciliation in Global Solidarity,” that also takes inspiration from Micah 6:8," to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with our God.”

Philippine delegates to the Chapter included: Sr. Cecilia Torres, province leader, Sr. Henedina Mananzan, Sr. Celeste Engutan CGS and Sr. Maria Teresa Pomar.

A very significant achievement of the Chapter was the approval of the Integrated Constitutions of the apostolic and contemplative sisters. The studies and drafting of the Integrated Constitutions could be traced to the approval of Article 1 during the 2003 General Chapter.

Photo: Good Shepherd Sisters who were in Angers, France celebrated Philippine Independence Day at the Motherhouse a day before the Chapter.

The approval of the Constitutions  also meant that on the congregational level, there will be apostolic councilors and contemplative councilors who will work with the congregational leader and will form the Congregational Leadership Team (CLT).

Sr. Brigid Lawlor was reelected congregational leader and she will work with an apostolic council composed of Srs. Armelle Dehennault (France/Belgium. Magyarorszag), Eliene Barros (Brazil, Southeast Latin America), Anne Josephine Carr (Great Britain) and Susan Marie Chia (Singapore/Malaysia). Sr. Brigid's Contemplative Councillors include Srs. Jude Ellen Golumbieski (Mid North America), Reina Escobar (Central America) and Ma. Teresa Pomar (Philippines).

The CLT will serve the congregation from 2009-2015.  As called by the Direction Statement of the 2009 Congregational Chapter, the CLT will journey with Sisters in implementing these directions through the Chapter threads:

  1. Spirituality: Source of Spirit and Life
  2. Justice and Peace in Global Solidarity
  3. Formation for Shepherding Today
  4. Good Shepherd Partnership in Mission
  5. Envisioning Connections
  6. Journey of Enrichment
  7. Mission Development
  8. Enabling Congregational Mission
  9. Missionary Process and Expansion

Photo: Local Leaders' Meeting in Baguio, May 24-27, 2010.

During the recent 2010 Local Leaders’ Meeting in Baguio City, Sr. Susan Chia, link councilor of apostolic sisters said that, “one of the things that the CLT hopes to do, is to look at Justice and Peace to be more integral in our ministry worldwide.” She is confident that the congregation can do that and that lay people can be involved in networking in promoting our mission.

The Philippine Province continues its efforts to implement the Chapter directives on the local and province levels, and remains active in networking and in sharing resources on the congregational level and in Asia-Pacific Circle. Here are some of the activities.

Networking: Philippines


A Consultation on “Undocumented Migrants and Stateless Children and Families” will be conducted in Davao City from August 10-11, 2010. This is being organized by the Women, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (WJPIC) in Mindanao.

Networking: Inter-Province

Asia-Pacific Circle of Formators

Sr. Cecilia Torres and Sr. Teresita Figueroa will attend the meeting of the Asia-Pacific Circle for Formators to be held in Sri Lanka from June 11-16, 2010.

Good Shepherd Partnership

The Good Shepherd Partnership of Asia-Pacific Circle will hold a meeting from August 11-15, 2010 in Singapore. The Philippines will be represented by Sr. Patricia Perez (Province Leadership Team), Sr. Añanita Borbon (link person of the Philippines to the Asia-Pacific Good Shepherd Partnership) and Ms. Nelly Juan (mission partner).

Mid-North America

Sr. Patricia Perez will facilitate a 30-day Retreat for Temporary Professed Sisters preparing for Perpetual Vows in the Province of Mid-North America. The retreat will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, USA from July 2- August 1, 2010.

APJP Network

The  Asia-Pacific Justice and Peace Network (APJP) will hold a workshop from June 12-15 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sr. Ma. Leah  Ann Espina, Sr. M. Minela Alvarez and Sr. Maureen Catabian will attend.

The 2009 Congregational Chapter Statement says, “Inspired by the creative audacity of St. Mary Euphrasia, her prophetic and radical response to the needs of her time, we are impelled as “Weavers of Compassion and Reconciliation in Global Solidarity…, ” the Chapter threads will be our guide as we work zealously for the poor, especially women and children, in following Jesus, the Good Shepherd.