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Blessing of MMTC Training Center 2

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 14/05/2015

(by: Sr. Rosemary Bacaltos, RGS - Baguio Community)

May 2, 2015, the new production building, Training Center 2, and the old production building, were blessed by Fr. Edsel Demillo, SVD, in the morning of May 2.  Our guests were Engr. Romy and Mrs. Remy Manuel. Engr. Manuel offered to provide the coins which he himself threw for the staff to grab after the blessing!    This new building is connected to Training Center 1 production building. The basement is the Control and Sanitation Roomwhere lockers are provided for the workers’ personal things such as cellphones, bags and other items not allowed inside production; it is the place where they  change into their work attire and work shoes and step on the  foot bath before entering production.   The first floor is the receiving area for raw materials for ube jam processing, stocking area for raw ube, the area for washing ube, peeling ube and where the pressure cooker and spice room are located.  The second floor is the storage area for the Jams and Jellies Section products and offices for Production Services staff, second floor staff and the Production Supervisor.  It also houses the clinic, and the work area for retorting and labeling.  The third floor is the supplies and materials stockroom and brittle section. The fourth floor of the new building is the conference hall. It is furnished with new tables and hard wood chairs.  The landing at the entrance and veranda outside the hall has been landscaped Doris Munar, our landscaper, with lovely ornamental and flowering plants – cymbidium, orchids, petunias.  It has hanging gardens and a small pond. The veranda gives a breathtaking view of one side of Baguio City.

The first group to use the fourth floor conference hall are the Local Coordinators who met from May 6 to 10, 2015.