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July 13-14, 2014 - Vocation-Mission Promoters' General Assembly

Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 08/08/2014

All the Vocation Link Persons in every community came to attend this Vocation-Mission  Promoters’ Annual Assembly.  Being  one of the Broad Direction of the Provincial Chapter 2014, the gathering  was to plan for the coming years.

The objectives were:

· For all sisters and partners in mission to be loving shepherdesses, authentically and consciously witnessing to our true identity and manifesting Christ’s presence in us.

· Provide sustained accompaniment for your people/youth groups and vocation mission contacts through community efforts

·  To formulate clear guidelines for the open structure pre-novitiate level of formation.

· For our lay partners in mission:  to feel, to see, to touch our being loving shepherdesses

The agenda for the two days meeting were:1) To review the LVP Assembly of 2013, 2) To share the joys, challenges and fruits of vocation-mission awareness promotion.  This was done by cluster groupings :  NCR, Luzon, Bicol-Virac, and Cebu-Mindanao, 3) To echo the DVP National Convention, 4) To echo Asia-Pacific Formators’ Assembly:  criteria for the Pre-novitiate, 5) To introduce “Project RGS”,  6)To plan based on Project RGS by clusters

The resource person for “Project RGS”  was a young lady whom Sister Regina knew when she was just a toddler and now working in the corporate world.  She is from the advertising world and she had many useful strategies that could be used for vocation-promotion.  It was called “Project RGS” for it was designed specifically for RGS purposes, truly “customized.”

Special to this gathering was the presence of three lay partners in mission who will work full time in the vocation promotion ministry :  Miss Evelyn Babao, Mrs. Vicky Factor and Mrs. Tess Barsaga.