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Submitted by: rgsphil
On: 11/09/2014

September 8, 2014 was the Golden Jubilee of our dear Sisters Guadalupe Bautista and Rosemary Bacaltos.  Fifty years (50) of faithful commitment to the call of God and God’s fidelity to them.   Both of them belong to the Baguio community.  It was a very simple celebration of the community without any invited guests.  However, the Provincialate community and the Isabela community were present because the echo of the Local Community’s meeting was scheduled the following day.  It was the joy of the two communities to come a day earlier to share the joy of the golden jubilarians.

The Eucharistic celebration was at 7 a.m. presided by  Father Elmer, SVD, with selected girls from the Rose Virginie Residence as choir.  Father Elmer’s homily dwelt on the vocation of Our Lady and related it to the life of the two golden jubilarians and in fact to all of us.  He summarized that vocation into 3 positions of Our Blessed Mother namely:  FIAT, MAGNIFICAT AND STABAT.  (Full text available on request.)

Breakfast followed the Eucharistic banquet.  The dining table was filled with appetible dishes, all kinds of tropical fruit, home made yogourt, a variety of jams, and freshly baked bread from the Mountain Maid Training Center, not to mention different kinds of coffee, tea and other health drinks.  We appreciated the culinary, art, management skills of the HRM students, the girls and boys who are part of the 350 working students employed at  the Mountain Maid Training Center.  All these youths are indigenous, belonging to the different tribes of the six provinces of the Cordillera, most, if not all, from remote, far-flung villages.  The two jubilarians are very much involved in the training of these youths.

At the end of the day, all gave praise and glory to our Shepherd God who walked with love and compassion with our golden jubilarians and for all the graces and blessings received and love and joy experienced on this day!