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Day 8: Recreation and Broad Directions

Submitted by: regina
On: 23/03/2014

The delegates had a morning of fun and recreation.  Places visited on March 22 included the Puzzle Museum, Picnic Grove Zip Line and the new housing project of Bahay Pastulan. 

Renewed in body and spirit, affirmation was given to the broad directions which will be implemented by the incoming province leadership team.  The personal insights, realizations, desires expressed by the delegates during the Chapter which are manifestations of their passion and fire sharpen these priorities.  

These broad directions will also be given to the local communities who will work on the specifics. On the other hand, the work on the General Chapter Threads is for the new province leadership team to continue. 

The Chapter Statement formulated by Srs. Fe Mendoza, Lourdes Fabia, Socorro Galvez and Leah Ann Espina was presented, discussed and approved by the body.  The delegates expressed appreciation of the statement which described the Chapter as a “Pentecost experience” and creatively wove the broad directions into the evangelical counsels. 

Chapter Statement Team: from left, Srs. Socorro Galvez, Leah Ann Espina, Lourdes Fabia and  Fe Mendoza.

An assessment of the Chapter was undertaken with the delegates given the opportunity to express what in the Chapter they were grateful for and the challenges they experienced.  Words of gratitude were then given for all who have contributed to its success.  Noteworthy were the presence of Sr. Brigid Lawlor, Sr. Jude Ellen, Sr. Guadalupe (who took the place of Sr. Susan Chia), the great work of the preparatory committee, the exceptional facilitating skills of Sr. Linda Lizada, RC, the participation of lay mission partners and all the sisters. The contribution the sisters who opted for the other modes of participation was also recognized.  The fruit of the prayers of all who were one with us during these days  was palpably felt:  “It was a novena of freedom and hesitation, seriousness and humor, solemnity and ease, contemplation and action.”  

-Sr. M. Teresita Figueroa RGS

Georgina Gil-Lacuna, right, welcomes the Chapter delegates to Puzzle Museum. Sisters try the Zip line

Recreation at Picnic Grove