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Lay Affiliates of the Good Shepherd

Uplifting Lives in Bagong Silangan

By Chit Almario


The year 2006 was off to a good start when Lay Affiliate Rose Roig managed to get St. Paul University’s Ms Roda Reyes interested in our project in Bagong Silangan resulting in a good meeting in the last week of January with Sr. James Wilson, Rose and Chit Almario representing the Lay Affiliates and Mrs. Rose Malabanan, who as head of the  university’s community extension program, clearly was the person to talk to.  So impressed were they with what had been accomplished so far in the community that Mrs. Malabanan talked about preparing a memorandum of agreement signifying their commitment to a 5-year development program for Bagong Silangan under the aegis of St. Paul University’s Community Extension Program.