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Lay Affiliates

The presence of the Lay Affiliates in the Congregation is a significant development in these post-modern times. In the document, Vita Consecrata, Pope John Paul II underscored this special relationship: "“A new chapter, rich in hope has begun in the history of relations between consecrated persons and laity “(VC 54). “… a significant expression of lay people’s sharing in the richness of consecrated life. (VC 56)

At the end of the General Chapter held at the Motherhouse in Angers, France from July 7-31, 1997, the participants from all over the world where the Congregation is established, issued this statement:
    “The General Chapter of 1997 affirms the Association of lay persons already existing in many provinces and encourages this development throughout the congregation. This is done with the approval of the Provincial and her Council. Lay persons who wish to share our spirit and mission may be affiliated to our Congregation in a non-canonical relationship. After an appropriate period of formation, they may express their association with us through a promise renewed annually. The Chapter sends a message of support to out Lay Affiliates for their witness to Jesus the Good Shepherd in the world.

In 1986, a group of 20 lay women actively involved in promoting and defending the dignity of women and who have collaborated with Good Shepherd Sisters in various ways, expressed their desire to enter into a formal relationship with us. Their purpose was to deepen Christian living while maintaining their present lay state, and sharing actively in the mission of the Good Shepherd.
    The first Lay Affiliates were formally accepted in 1987 on the Diamond Jubilee of the Good Shepherd presence in the Philippines. Sr. Gema Cadena, then Superior General, and several of the General Councilors were present during the ceremony of commitment. How fitting that the formal acceptance of the lay affiliates happened in the same month that the Synod of Bishops in Rome were meeting on the subject of the Laity and that the first Filipino martyr-saint Lorenzo Ruiz was a married person.
    Since then other communities have organized Lay Affiliates: Welcome House, Malate, Negros, Davao, Isabela.

The following are some of the apostolic involvements of the lay affiliates:

Direct Service


Counselling in Our Lady of Peace Shrine, “Accompaniment” of some of our girls at Euphrasian Residence.


Conducting seminars in parishes, schools and villages in order to raise consciousness about the oppression and exploitation of women; involvement in our ministry to migrant workers through the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar, participation in the Parenting Program of Euphrasian Community for the parents of students in Quintin Paredes Public High School.


Raising funds for scholarship for girls from poor marginalized sectors; collection and donation of school supplies for the schools of the ‘lumads’ in Agusan del Sur.


Conducting a ‘soup kitchen’ for children in a depressed area in Escopa which serves as their regular immersion with the poor.

Advocacy and Networking


Collaborating with other women’s groups and NGOs; writing letters to newspapers on behalf of women; lobbying for better laws protecting women and children; joining peaceful rallies and demonstrations on relevant issues like protection of forests and ecology, human rights, peace and justice.



Outreach Service


Visiting, giving assistance and supporting rehabilitation programs for families and communities affected by calamities e.g. Mt. Mayon and Mt. Pinatubo

The following are part of the on-going formation program of the Lay Affiliates:


 Annual retreats and other days of recollection


 Monthly meetings, sharing of reflections and insight


 Reading and input on Good Shepherd spirit, congregational saints, feasts


 Participation in important events of the Church, Congregation


 Daily prayers of and for the Congregation

The Good Shepherd Lay Affiliates try to live, in their homes and places of work in the world, St. Mary Euphrasia’s philosophy that “A person is of more value than a world. Their mission is summed up in their prayer:

God we come to you as sharers of Jesus mission
In our broken world, help us to incarnate
Christ’s mission of reconciliation by making his own love visible:
a love that seeks, forgives, and saves. Amen.

Good Food Book

The Good (Food) Book is a compilation of recipes by the Lay Affiliates of the Good Shepherd. These are the women who give their effort and time to help in the program of the Good Shepherd congregation.


Their meetings include sharing of food. And out of those, recipes were shared and made into a book to sell and raise funds for its program called Headstart.

Php 250. Available at Good Shepherd Convent in Quezon City and  in Baguio City