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20/02/2012 - Miriam Bastian-Tollet
Remina Miriam Bastian-tollet
for the girls that were unable to be with us during the 2012 mmf reunion,this is the message i passed on to sr. carmel [and the good sheperd sisters]which was written w/ all of u in mind.


time is valuable.
in our younger years, we had plenty of time.
in the passed years,we had no time.
in our advancing years,we are running out of time.
time is money.time is gold
it is timeless.
and there is ''in the old times''
time is fast, time is slow
i need ''me time'', and ''i want your time''.
so,sister carmel- now is the right time, while we have the time
to let you know that after all this time
how we appreciate all these times.
the time you taught us 5x5,time to work
time to study time for fun
time for rest, time for spiritual enrichment.
i can go on and lose track of time
these times were the bad times.
but now i know were the good times.happy times i remember most
about good sheperd.
so, before our craetor says''ur time is up'' sister carmel,
time to say we love and thank you and the rest of the good sheperd sisters
that have made us what we are today.
at this moment in time,we the mmf members say....
see you again sometime.

by :Mriam Bastian-Tollet
20/02/2012 - Mark and Remina Tollet
Wish to offer our deepest sympathy to the loss of Sister Carmel who passed away Sunday 19th February 2012. Thank you for giving all of your girls at the convent a chance in life. God Bless you. Rest in peace always. x
11/02/2012 - Mae
the beautiful people who took care of me
11/02/2012 - Mae
I just came across this site and felt back the warmth and joy in remembering the beautiful people to took care of me when I had my studies at the Ateneo de Manila University 1998 years ago.
I am looking at the photos to seek for familiar faces and will continue to do so after this.
Sad, though, to see pictures of goodbyes for Sister Sol. She was an intelligent helping nun. I was honored to be able to spend time with her - to relax and think well with her. God bless your soul, dear Sister Sol. Thank you po...
03/02/2012 - Perla de Castro
i have heard so much the good shepherd nuns of Baguio from my son, Fr. Tony de Castro SJ.
I think he is most happy when he is there among the good sisters. Thank you also for the strawberry and ube jams that he brings from your facility. Our prayers for you.

God bless.

Perla B. de Castro
07/01/2012 - milagros mustrales
dear sr. con bellosillo, miss ko na kayo ni sr. guad. regards din kay sr. pilar. is it final na lumipat na ang hmv maysilo sa qc? ok din naman mas malapit. did you get my padala kahit small time lang? am coming home mar. my 2nd child is graduating 18 and 28. hope so. i have small candles bought on sale-ikea but not scented.dadaan ko sa qc for you siempre and will find something else for you. take care. love, mimi 1976
07/01/2012 - Estelita Lutero Retirado
God be with you always, dear Sisters of the Good Shepherd!

Just learned your site and I don't want to leave without writing something how your prayers to our Almighty God, through the requests made to my sister--Sr. Rosary Lutero, a contemplative sister of your congregation made things possible.

My 1st prayer request way back in December, 1981 was for a child (I had a boy and he was turning 8 then) and in January 27, 1983 God gave me a healthy baby girl! My 2nd prayer request was in 1995 for my son's Licensure Examination in Nursing. Again, through the Contemplative Orders prayers, that too was answered. My son made it! (He is now in Warwick, England). My 3rd, just this November, 2011...though I requested that my land titles be released soon (it has been months and the delay caused by several people had created tension between me and my children and caused sleepless nights to me personally) did not happen outright. What I considered as an answer to my prayer was the total relief and peace that engulfed me at that particular moment when everything I thought was already hopeless and my daughter called telling me everything will be all right! Is that not a miracle and an answered prayer?

And that is not alone....with my Sister Rosary and your Congregation prayers, my husband passed away in January 28, 1998 in the state of grace (he was diagnosed with CA in the liver and lived just 7 weeks after the doctor's diagnoses) and my family's total acceptance to God's Will had made the situations light.

Thank you all Sisters for being there for us, your sisters and brothers in Christ. We will continually pray for you and all the priests too!


Telly, City of Koronadal, South Cotabato

22/12/2011 - Bill and Carol

Christmas 2011,2012..


Dear Sisters & Community of Prayer,

First of all my wife and I want to wish all the Community a Bless Christmas 2011! And to let you know we are praying for you daily as our broken hearts continue to cry out to God Day & Night for His Mercy & Peace in daily prayer! It has been a very difficult year but also a year of some how by the Mercy of God and your daily prayers we have come through! We are not dead yet! Thank you a thousand times over!

As we enter the Christmas Season it is a great blessing but it is also of great pain because of the continued after shocks of the death of our only son and all the other deaths and losses in our lives in recent years! Please continue to have the Community include my wife and I in their daily prayers Now and in the days ahead....Christmas 2011,2012....or as long as possible?? God's Healing,Protecting Peace & Hope! Please if Possible? Can you pass or e-mail our urgent prayer intention on to other Communities(Women&Men) of Prayer that you know of in the Worldwide Community of Prayer? For the long term?? .Christmas 2011,2012...?? Or as long as possible? We just can not bear this painful and sorrowful cross alone! Both my wife and I are well pass 55+ and have no family any more! And to be honest with you we don't know how God will bring good out of all the pain and sorrows! Never less,We continue to occupy by staying at our Post in Faith and Hope with the help of your daily prayers and God's Mercy! Thank you for your patience !

In His Peace,

Bill and Carol. oh.usa

PS. Again, we will keep you in our daily prayers especially in these uncertain times we live in now!
29/11/2011 - Trini Dautil-Watkins
I am a brigetine from Buhi Camarines Sur. Now, family lives in Wilmington Island Savannah, Georgia. The motto," Let your light shine" is embedded in my heart and I show that examples of being one every where I go. I salute all the Good Shepherd Sisters with high honor whom I look up by showing their compassionate attitudes to the students, community, and around the world.

My husband and I are very proud parents of our 3 children. Our oldest daughter is on her last year of Ph.D at the University of Toronto. Our son served in the military in Afghanistan/Iraq for 5 years then he was awarded a Green to Gold Army Scholarship to pursue his college degree. Now, he is graduating on Dec. 16, 2011 on his Bachelor's Degree. He also be commissioned as an officer in the military. Our youngest daughter, graduate college from the University of Georgia. She works in Costa Rica at the UGA campus as a Naturalist. My husband is a retired helicopter pilot and now he is a middle grade math and science teacher. I work for Savannah Technical College.
24/11/2011 - Ma. Alodia "Dhia" Marges
Hello po...

I just want to say hello to all of you, I miss 1043 already and I miss the sisters... I am here in my office at Jesus Good Shepherd School. I work here as a discipline officer in High School Department.

I just want to know how can I put the pictures of Sr. Cielo's first vow in your site, i know its quite late but I just want to share the blessings that our batch recieve. Me, Cel and Arlene left the convent but having Cielo as a nun is a blessing for us... and my heart will always belong to this congregation..

Please continue to pray for me

Thanks and God Bless... Hope to see you soon
16/11/2011 - Virginia Colina Krassensteinhave
hello! Good Shepherds Sisters.
my name is Virginia Colina Krassenstein I was a Former Students of ST. Euprasias I had the best
time of life while I was a student there. My first Principal was Sister Jeannete Rimando then Sister Lorenza Sangalang,our Groupmother were Sister Rebecca, Sister Lydia, Sister Lita De Asis
well, I owe them a lot for what I become now my time of Counseling paid off. I am better Person now. I hope i will a chance to see them again!
I live in the States now with own Family I'am mother of 3 wonderful Children who are all in School
I have a devoted Husband and proud Grandmother. i wish i could tell all these stories to them.
I wish to find them, maybe they can email me. thank you! Virgie
12/11/2011 - Anna Maria 'Aimmee'' Antigua
Dear Sisters,
I would like to say THANK YOU for all the blessings and support that made me
become a COMPASSIONATE human being....
I am very grateful that i also experienced MaryRidge/St. Mary Euphrasia School/Baguio City with Sr Aida and Sr.Corazon and it was Sr.Mila was my dorm mother.And all this was an amazing gift from my Aunt..our late beloved Sister Immaculata Antigua.She is missed so much.
Also i would like to inquire information about RETREAT for the banawa or baguio city.
Sister,i am planning this for my preperation to be a third order for Alliance of Two Hearts.
please help me and let me know what should i do.I would love to reunite also with all the SISTERS that help me too....Send my love to all esp...Sr.Aida,Sr.Corazon Sr.MIla & Sr Aimmee...(Yes Sr.Imma got my name from Sr.Aimmee:)GOD BLESS...

01/11/2011 - Bonnie Lavides
I am a graduate of Maryridge Class '64. Sister Victoria Yoson attended our 2011 Reunion in Las Vegas. She told me that Sister Carmelita Medenilla is back in the Philippines from her
mission in Ethiopia. I need to get in touch with her. Pls. give her my email address.
04/10/2011 - Marjorie
Hello Good Shepherd Sisters:

I'm Marjorie Magistrado-Casillano. I'm looking for Sis. Cora Demetillo. Just want to say "kumusta na po?". Where can I get in touch with her?

Thank you so much and God Bless po.

Marjorie Magistrado-Casillano
22/09/2011 - Loreta Janolo-Dorn

I'm sorry..Forgot 1 group mother>>Sr. Claire..
I was there 4 years, have 4 group mothers..

Loreta :-)

21/09/2011 - Robert
Hello Sister Cherry

I am robert espiritu, we used to work together at china bank, manila
when you joined in the early 1980's.

I hope you remember me,

03/09/2011 - sally sevilla
to didith diaz, polly pagaspas,alice wilson, beth peralta and tina peralta,reunion naman tayo, evelyn "bebot" quioge, charmiluz, menia cruz and marge ponce,where are you, also april sanidad cesar, please get intouch, thank you....GOD BLESS

Sally Sevilla
03/09/2011 - sally sevilla
hello sa lahat ng mga taga pelletier sch. this is sally ang pinaka makulit sa pink dorm with mary jane phan, beth thobinpe, marie surla, ate nora espiritu, ate mercy gatus, remember me ? group mother namin c mother leonor, hi trixie, and ruth roces, hope to hear from you all ....
31/08/2011 - Pilar Rodriguez
Mary Ann Lim.....I don't remember you I know you were one of my batchmates at St. Euphrasia. Unfortunately they closed that schools down already many years ago.I am trying to reconnect with batchmates! You'll find me in Facebook! My groupmother was Sister alleen. Please try to look for me!
08/08/2011 - Mike and Flo PEDRON
Dearest sisters,

We are very good friends of sister Carmelita Medenilla , We met her here in Tahiti (French Polynesia) in 1968 . She wrote to us on July 6, 2011 saying she was leaving Ethiopia for the Philippines on the 19th of july 2011.

She will go to Senegal on November and that her new assignment is in BURKINA FASO. Sister Carmelita was wondering if we could see her between now and November in the Philippines, but unfortunately we don’t have her address in the Philippines and not even a phone number or a E-mail address.

Could you help us to get in touch with her in the Philippines, it will be so nice of you.

We are waiting for your answer as soon as possible and send you all our love

Thank you very much for your help.

Mike PEDRON and Florence PEDRON and Family from Tahiti in French Polynesia.
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