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16/04/2011 - Marissa Serna-Aragoza
dear sister rosalie enriquez,sister celine and everybody!!hope you still remember me.i have a dental office in the phil. before (katipunan and aurora blvd) i am now in the U.S. Hope to see you all again..God Bless..marissa
29/03/2011 - Trinidad Custodio Mansukhani
Good Day to all my classmates in Pelletier Hills High School,Baguio City. I would like to meet you all one day but most of all I really want to see my Old School in Baguio specially my old House Mothers and did I really see Mother Aida at the SBC pictures in Batangas ? and It looks like there is a sister who looks like my favorite house mother Sister Concepcion Conti or my eyes are playing on me. Am I returning to my childhood days. God Bless You All my Good Friends. Hope to see you all soon, Love Trixie
25/03/2011 - trixie custodio mansukhani
Please pray for my son who is problematic right now. I would like to request for prayers for his soul and other habits How can I find a person whom he will listen to. Can I ask for a spiritual adviser for him? He is 27 years old and is lost Please to anybody who is listen and reading this message He lost his father when he was three and a half years old. Advance thank you for anybody who can help him.
21/03/2011 - Yoly
Thanks to St. Mary Euphrasia and her daughters. I thank God for all of you for all the precious moments you gave me and taking my hand to Jesus.
God bless us all!
Love always,
14/03/2011 - mercedes gatus
looking for Norah Espiritu, Baguio,
09/03/2011 - tin
Hello to our beloved sisters, With God nothing is impossible coz i finally passed the nursing board exam.. My Love to God will never change because He's always there for me no matter what happens.. though in the past i have so many challenges that i faced i never lose hope and faith to Our Almighty God... with Your prayers it really helped me a lot.. sometimes it made me realize, that i also want to become a nun.. I find inner peace and contentment whenever i go to church or in a chapel but i know that it will take a long process to know if it is really meant for me.. I want to go to your convent and inquire information about the first step to be a part of Good Shepherd Sisters.. Thank you and more power to Good Shepherd Sisters.
21/02/2011 - lilia cachin miyamoto
Could you give me more info about this site .
05/02/2011 - Annabelle L. Sales
Dear sisters:

I have this idea of selling your good products here in Cebu if theirs none doing this. I am interested in your peanut brittle, strawbery preservative n ube halaya and other unique product you have. How are we going to do about this? Would it be possible if you can send me first the prices of your products. Thank you so much this might also be a way for me to help .
01/02/2011 - Bill & Carol

Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other Ongoing Daily Hardships and Sorrows...

Jan 30,2011.

Dear Sisters,

Thank you for praying with us in our long dark night of the soul! Despite all the pain and sorrows we continue to stay at our Post!!!

Please if possible

Can you continue to include my wife and I in the daily prayer of the Community in 2011,12.. or as long as possible?? God's Healing,Protecting Peace and Hope in our broken hearts,health and shattered lives made worse by severe financial stress! Please feel free to pass or e-mail our prayer request on to other Communities of Prayer that you know of in the World?? Thank you for doing this! Bill and Carol. oh.usa
30/01/2011 - Ludy McManus
Regina Kuizon

As requested, I am feeling free to write on this guestbook. I am very sad after reading the passing away of Sr. Mary Consuelo Ferrer, who was my first superior as a Contemplative in Quezon City.
I hope I will see her again someday....Please let me know how I can get in touch with Sister Felicidad Almeria and Sister Geraldine Ortuoste.
thank you very much.
28/01/2011 - william f. kuhlmann/usa
I am concerned about the unwed mothers in the Philippines and knowing how the women are treated there, If I can be of some help to them please let me know, OK.
I am a white man and do not let the email address scare you . I am retired from a government job and the Army too. I would like to be a sponsor to a mother who needs help and when the time comes, email me a photo of her and the baby that I will help sponsor:
My name is William f. Kuhlmann, 1565 Edmund Dr, Barnhart, Missouri 63012-1331?USA
22/01/2011 - Frances Stone
P.S. to my earlier message. We were there June 1972 - June 1973 Sorry I left out such an importan fact.
22/01/2011 - Frances Stone
I was in Baguio as a US Peace Corps Volunteer with my husband - Paul and 4 children - Daniel, Nancy, Peter and Matthew. I worked with Sister Helena in developing a nursery preschool program for the neighboring poor kids. Paul also worked there for a little while developing a woodworking shop for boys. they made wooden toys and blocks for the preschool and I think to maybe sale. Sister Helena was a wonderful person to work with and she was an inspiration to my family. She had a delightful personality and a beautiful smile and I so enjoyed working with her. I never did get her address when I left and went too many years not getting in touch, something I have always regretted. With PC anniversary of 50 years coming up my PC memories have come flooding back and I knew I had to find out if Sister Helena is still with you or possibily has died. Any help you give give me would be most appreciated. Most Sincerely and lovingly Frances
23/01/2011 - tin
Hello to our beloved sisters, I wrote here in your web hoping that my hope in my life will not be loss, cause i have so many failures happened in my life.. didn't pass the exams 3 times.. didn't get hired in any jobs that i applied.. and i feel hopeless.. but i know that God loves in spite of these trials.. now i am waiting for the result of exam.. hope i can accept it without leaving regrets, anger and sorrow.. Beloved Sisters.. hope you will remember me.
15/01/2011 - Rocel Quinn (a.k.a) Ma. Rocel S. Borromeo
Last quarter of 1985, the first time I met Sr. Mary Rose Tapia at Welcome House. I was only 17 yrs. old. I remember her very well. It was then that my life has changed. She became like my second mother. Assisting me in countless ways. We have always been in touched and now I am 42, married with 3 boys and live in Sydney, Australia, she has been my inspiration ever since. Another RGS sister that is very close to my heart is Sr. Tarcila Abano, she's my "step mother" :-) , (or madrasta) as she fondly called herself. She was the reason I went to College, as one of the scholars of Centre for Overseas Workers. I became her Secretary/Bookeeper at COW. I have many happy memories and I learned a lot from her. It was the best years of my life working with her. She has given me many opportunities. I cannot express my gratitude having met 2 wonderful RGS sisters but I know I am very lucky to have known and be associated with them. Thank you Sr. Mary Euphrasia and to all the Good Shepherd sisters. love, Rocel Quinn P.S. Did I mention that I was born April 24, 1968 (100 years death anniversary of Sr. Mary Euphrasia)
20/12/2010 - Citadel Sison
Hi Sr Christina Sevilla of Maryridge,

Just want to say hi to you and to all your staff at Maryridge . My rettreat was really a good experience for me and my friend and were planning on doing it every year. Your counselling and special parayer was really helpful somehow it helped me accept and prepare whats going to happen to me in the days to come. Your words of comfort was my inspiration when I wrote this note on my facebook account here it goes.

The Awakening

Sometimes we ask ourselves why life is so unfair why do we need to go through sufferings such us betrayal and emotional distress. Why my right is being taken away from me and in the end I had to let go of everything that I have just to have a piece of mind. Why people close to your heart will be the one who will break your spirit and betray you in the end. Its a question thats been bothering me for the past few weeks ,but now I understood why I had to go through this event of my life. For the past years there were signs from GOD ,he has been warning me of what lies ahead but I ignored it .I was so blinded with the comforts of life that was given to me and I have forgotten who I was and what was my worth as a person.

Now to wake me up from the deep slumber that I was in he had to show me horrible things that will surely hurt me but will set me free in the end. He was trying to save me from further despair that lies in the future if i do not make the right decision. Now that I am fully awake I know in my heart that I am a worthy person and Im not afraid to fight this person who inflicted so much pain on me. His wrong doings must be unmasked for he is like a wolf hiding under a sheeps clothing and preying on less fortunate young women using his wealth and power. Im doing this not only for myself but to women who were powerless and to afraid to defend themselves . My FAITH, FAMILY and FRIENDS are with me as my shield and my WISDOM as my weapon in this battle that I will be facing in the days to come. So please do pray for me that I may have the courage and strength to face my enemies.

Thank you so much Sister as I said your like my 2nd Mother.


14/12/2010 - Virna
Dear Sister,

I wish to be of help for the reconciliation of a mother and child. Please email me at the above address to where I can get details for my task indicated. I believe this is the best time
"'Christmas Time".
Thank you so much. And hope to hear from you as I have limited time of stay here.

Happy Holidays
Best regards,

24/11/2010 - Francisco Puno Dimataga II
My Prayers for the late Sister Imacullata...may the Almighty God, and Her soul look upon her project missions so it may continue to Serve the People of God...
To sister Aida James
I wish you good days in were have you been , also i like you to reply to this email.

Natale from Renk Catholic Church
19/10/2010 - genny dumay
Congratulations to Srs. Imelda and Ronafel on their final profession day!
Blessings to you, and I pray more we have more contemplative vocations.

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