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24/11/2011 - Ma. Alodia "Dhia" Marges
Hello po...

I just want to say hello to all of you, I miss 1043 already and I miss the sisters... I am here in my office at Jesus Good Shepherd School. I work here as a discipline officer in High School Department.

I just want to know how can I put the pictures of Sr. Cielo's first vow in your site, i know its quite late but I just want to share the blessings that our batch recieve. Me, Cel and Arlene left the convent but having Cielo as a nun is a blessing for us... and my heart will always belong to this congregation..

Please continue to pray for me

Thanks and God Bless... Hope to see you soon
16/11/2011 - Virginia Colina Krassensteinhave
hello! Good Shepherds Sisters.
my name is Virginia Colina Krassenstein I was a Former Students of ST. Euprasias I had the best
time of life while I was a student there. My first Principal was Sister Jeannete Rimando then Sister Lorenza Sangalang,our Groupmother were Sister Rebecca, Sister Lydia, Sister Lita De Asis
well, I owe them a lot for what I become now my time of Counseling paid off. I am better Person now. I hope i will a chance to see them again!
I live in the States now with own Family I'am mother of 3 wonderful Children who are all in School
I have a devoted Husband and proud Grandmother. i wish i could tell all these stories to them.
I wish to find them, maybe they can email me. thank you! Virgie
12/11/2011 - Anna Maria 'Aimmee'' Antigua
Dear Sisters,
I would like to say THANK YOU for all the blessings and support that made me
become a COMPASSIONATE human being....
I am very grateful that i also experienced MaryRidge/St. Mary Euphrasia School/Baguio City with Sr Aida and Sr.Corazon and it was Sr.Mila was my dorm mother.And all this was an amazing gift from my Aunt..our late beloved Sister Immaculata Antigua.She is missed so much.
Also i would like to inquire information about RETREAT for the banawa or baguio city.
Sister,i am planning this for my preperation to be a third order for Alliance of Two Hearts.
please help me and let me know what should i do.I would love to reunite also with all the SISTERS that help me too....Send my love to all esp...Sr.Aida,Sr.Corazon Sr.MIla & Sr Aimmee...(Yes Sr.Imma got my name from Sr.Aimmee:)GOD BLESS...

01/11/2011 - Bonnie Lavides
I am a graduate of Maryridge Class '64. Sister Victoria Yoson attended our 2011 Reunion in Las Vegas. She told me that Sister Carmelita Medenilla is back in the Philippines from her
mission in Ethiopia. I need to get in touch with her. Pls. give her my email address.
04/10/2011 - Marjorie
Hello Good Shepherd Sisters:

I'm Marjorie Magistrado-Casillano. I'm looking for Sis. Cora Demetillo. Just want to say "kumusta na po?". Where can I get in touch with her?

Thank you so much and God Bless po.

Marjorie Magistrado-Casillano
22/09/2011 - Loreta Janolo-Dorn

I'm sorry..Forgot 1 group mother>>Sr. Claire..
I was there 4 years, have 4 group mothers..

Loreta :-)

21/09/2011 - Robert
Hello Sister Cherry

I am robert espiritu, we used to work together at china bank, manila
when you joined in the early 1980's.

I hope you remember me,

03/09/2011 - sally sevilla
to didith diaz, polly pagaspas,alice wilson, beth peralta and tina peralta,reunion naman tayo, evelyn "bebot" quioge, charmiluz, menia cruz and marge ponce,where are you, also april sanidad cesar, please get intouch, thank you....GOD BLESS

Sally Sevilla
03/09/2011 - sally sevilla
hello sa lahat ng mga taga pelletier sch. this is sally ang pinaka makulit sa pink dorm with mary jane phan, beth thobinpe, marie surla, ate nora espiritu, ate mercy gatus, remember me ? group mother namin c mother leonor, hi trixie, and ruth roces, hope to hear from you all ....
31/08/2011 - Pilar Rodriguez
Mary Ann Lim.....I don't remember you I know you were one of my batchmates at St. Euphrasia. Unfortunately they closed that schools down already many years ago.I am trying to reconnect with batchmates! You'll find me in Facebook! My groupmother was Sister alleen. Please try to look for me!
08/08/2011 - Mike and Flo PEDRON
Dearest sisters,

We are very good friends of sister Carmelita Medenilla , We met her here in Tahiti (French Polynesia) in 1968 . She wrote to us on July 6, 2011 saying she was leaving Ethiopia for the Philippines on the 19th of july 2011.

She will go to Senegal on November and that her new assignment is in BURKINA FASO. Sister Carmelita was wondering if we could see her between now and November in the Philippines, but unfortunately we don’t have her address in the Philippines and not even a phone number or a E-mail address.

Could you help us to get in touch with her in the Philippines, it will be so nice of you.

We are waiting for your answer as soon as possible and send you all our love

Thank you very much for your help.

Mike PEDRON and Florence PEDRON and Family from Tahiti in French Polynesia.
31/07/2011 - Mary Ann S. Lim
Hi this is Mary Ann Lim I used to stay and study in St.Mary Euphrasia School year 1987-1988..Sister Flor was my group mother, I had fun staying in your dormitory , i learned about all things that life can offer me..I'm hoping that my daughter could experience the wonderful things your school has to offer...I would like to take this opportunity to ask if you are still accepting applicants for your school and dormitory. Aside from my email address you can also reach me at this numbers 6373438/ 09275752689...

Hoping to hear from you soon

take care and god bless

Mary Ann S. Lim

08/07/2011 - mercedes gatus
Hi Cherry,

I cannot find you in facebook. Can you please just email me direct. I am too excited to see the photos,wonder if I can recognize and remember you.

Missing the old girls.

05/07/2011 - Cherry T. Torres - Bautista
Hello Mercy Gatus, im so very happy you reply....where can i contact you? i even posted our picture in my FACEBOOK...visit my account please. missing you so much.Cherry Torres bautista(cher).
02/07/2011 - grail tauli clyde
mercy,glad to hear from you!wish i heard about the re-union,but it is to far from where i am now.keep in touch,might be able to visit on 2012.i am on facebook(gloria clyde) "invite" so we could keep in touch,anybody out there,who sees this message.
30/06/2011 - mercedes gatus
hello to Trixie,Cherry Torres bautista,and Grail

We were all together at Pelletier. thank God somebody(Cherry) mentioned all the names. How come nobody attended the Reunion? Ask the sisters, I was the only one there. Keep in touch, I miss you all.

Mercedes Gatus
21/06/2011 - Cherry t.torres
attention dear schoolmates of Mary Pelletier Hills School Good Shepher Convent Baguio city.please send me massege, missing all of you so much:Nida ynieguez, Minda, Alice Ford, Filipinas, Santos, Belen Villanueva, Farrah Mejia, Deserie Taruc, Ruth Roces, Vilma, Edna, Lorna villanueva, Cristy, Alice, joyce,Ate Nora Espiritu, chona, Mercedes Gatus, and especially some girls under Sis Mary Lourdes who stay at the back of our school building,the native ones miss all of you also...please reply soon after you read my message. love you all still.
20/06/2011 - Cherry T. Torres - Bautista
6-20-2011 cherry torres Hi to Edna cervantes, Ruthie Roces, Belen Villanueva, Alice Ford, Farrah Mejia, Desirie Taruc, Nida Yniegues and others, Mary Pelletier Hills School, Good Shepherd Convent Baguio City i miss all of you please send me message want to reconnect to all of you.Im your co-intern at the said convent wayback-1968-1970....God bless you all.
31/05/2011 - larry diaz javier
Greetings in the name of the Lord!
Allyona Yona P Tan is a daughter of Lanie Diaz who seem to be at odds
with the father, Alan Tan and has come to me for help in contacting you
for information if her daughter did graduate and if so, why is she not on the
Graduates list? Thank you for your usual prompt attention. We remain,
Respectfully yours,

javier diaz
31/05/2011 - larry diaz javier
Greetings in the name of the Lord!
Allyona Yona P Tan is a daughter of Lanie Diaz who seem to be at odds
with the father, Alan Tan and has come to me for help in contacting you
for information if her daughter did graduate and if so, why is she not on the
Graduates list? Thank you for your usual prompt attention. We remain,
Respectfully yours,

javier diaz
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