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21/06/2011 - Cherry t.torres
attention dear schoolmates of Mary Pelletier Hills School Good Shepher Convent Baguio city.please send me massege, missing all of you so much:Nida ynieguez, Minda, Alice Ford, Filipinas, Santos, Belen Villanueva, Farrah Mejia, Deserie Taruc, Ruth Roces, Vilma, Edna, Lorna villanueva, Cristy, Alice, joyce,Ate Nora Espiritu, chona, Mercedes Gatus, and especially some girls under Sis Mary Lourdes who stay at the back of our school building,the native ones miss all of you also...please reply soon after you read my message. love you all still.
20/06/2011 - Cherry T. Torres - Bautista
6-20-2011 cherry torres Hi to Edna cervantes, Ruthie Roces, Belen Villanueva, Alice Ford, Farrah Mejia, Desirie Taruc, Nida Yniegues and others, Mary Pelletier Hills School, Good Shepherd Convent Baguio City i miss all of you please send me message want to reconnect to all of you.Im your co-intern at the said convent wayback-1968-1970....God bless you all.
31/05/2011 - larry diaz javier
Greetings in the name of the Lord!
Allyona Yona P Tan is a daughter of Lanie Diaz who seem to be at odds
with the father, Alan Tan and has come to me for help in contacting you
for information if her daughter did graduate and if so, why is she not on the
Graduates list? Thank you for your usual prompt attention. We remain,
Respectfully yours,

javier diaz
31/05/2011 - larry diaz javier
Greetings in the name of the Lord!
Allyona Yona P Tan is a daughter of Lanie Diaz who seem to be at odds
with the father, Alan Tan and has come to me for help in contacting you
for information if her daughter did graduate and if so, why is she not on the
Graduates list? Thank you for your usual prompt attention. We remain,
Respectfully yours,

javier diaz
23/05/2011 - grail tauli clyde
trixie,cathy and all classmates and dormmates-anybody who remembers me send e-mail please.
16/05/2011 - May 16,2011 cherry t.torres=bautista
Hello to Trixie Trinidad, this is cherry torres your co-intern at Good Shepherd Convent way-back 1968 to 70.
16/05/2011 - cherry torres- bautista
Hi Trixie Trinidad i was too happy to find some of my co-interns of the Good Shepherd conv city, our school, Mary pelletier Hills school, i miss all of you guys, most specially, Belen Villianueva Alice Ford, ate Nora Espiritu. Ate chona,Marife. Ruthie Roces,Farrah Mejia,and many more, how i wish too see you all, of course our groupmother Sis Mary Aida...please look for my FACEBOOK.
13/05/2011 - Ma. Victoria Gracia C. Mendoza, RN
I would like to greet the Contemplatives of the Good Shepherd sisters for the celebration of their 50th anniversary here in the Philippines. May God bless you more so that you may continue to be blessings to others.

Also, I would like to extend my thanks to Sr. Gina Kuizon, RGS for facilitating the retreat of SBC faculty and staff (I was among the high school teachers). Thanks also, Sr. Gina for giving insights on my vocation. Thank you also to Sr. Carm Cruz, RGS for our brief chat which I extremely enjoyed! I hope to be one of you soon. Regards to all Shepherdesses of Christ!
28/04/2011 - Marina
Dear Sisters,
I would like to join a lay contemplative group or prayer group. Please give me some advice. Thank you.
16/04/2011 - Marissa Serna-Aragoza
dear sister rosalie enriquez,sister celine and everybody!!hope you still remember me.i have a dental office in the phil. before (katipunan and aurora blvd) i am now in the U.S. Hope to see you all again..God Bless..marissa
29/03/2011 - Trinidad Custodio Mansukhani
Good Day to all my classmates in Pelletier Hills High School,Baguio City. I would like to meet you all one day but most of all I really want to see my Old School in Baguio specially my old House Mothers and did I really see Mother Aida at the SBC pictures in Batangas ? and It looks like there is a sister who looks like my favorite house mother Sister Concepcion Conti or my eyes are playing on me. Am I returning to my childhood days. God Bless You All my Good Friends. Hope to see you all soon, Love Trixie
25/03/2011 - trixie custodio mansukhani
Please pray for my son who is problematic right now. I would like to request for prayers for his soul and other habits How can I find a person whom he will listen to. Can I ask for a spiritual adviser for him? He is 27 years old and is lost Please to anybody who is listen and reading this message He lost his father when he was three and a half years old. Advance thank you for anybody who can help him.
21/03/2011 - Yoly
Thanks to St. Mary Euphrasia and her daughters. I thank God for all of you for all the precious moments you gave me and taking my hand to Jesus.
God bless us all!
Love always,
14/03/2011 - mercedes gatus
looking for Norah Espiritu, Baguio,
09/03/2011 - tin
Hello to our beloved sisters, With God nothing is impossible coz i finally passed the nursing board exam.. My Love to God will never change because He's always there for me no matter what happens.. though in the past i have so many challenges that i faced i never lose hope and faith to Our Almighty God... with Your prayers it really helped me a lot.. sometimes it made me realize, that i also want to become a nun.. I find inner peace and contentment whenever i go to church or in a chapel but i know that it will take a long process to know if it is really meant for me.. I want to go to your convent and inquire information about the first step to be a part of Good Shepherd Sisters.. Thank you and more power to Good Shepherd Sisters.
21/02/2011 - lilia cachin miyamoto
Could you give me more info about this site .
05/02/2011 - Annabelle L. Sales
Dear sisters:

I have this idea of selling your good products here in Cebu if theirs none doing this. I am interested in your peanut brittle, strawbery preservative n ube halaya and other unique product you have. How are we going to do about this? Would it be possible if you can send me first the prices of your products. Thank you so much this might also be a way for me to help .
01/02/2011 - Bill & Carol

Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other Ongoing Daily Hardships and Sorrows...

Jan 30,2011.

Dear Sisters,

Thank you for praying with us in our long dark night of the soul! Despite all the pain and sorrows we continue to stay at our Post!!!

Please if possible

Can you continue to include my wife and I in the daily prayer of the Community in 2011,12.. or as long as possible?? God's Healing,Protecting Peace and Hope in our broken hearts,health and shattered lives made worse by severe financial stress! Please feel free to pass or e-mail our prayer request on to other Communities of Prayer that you know of in the World?? Thank you for doing this! Bill and Carol. oh.usa
30/01/2011 - Ludy McManus
Regina Kuizon

As requested, I am feeling free to write on this guestbook. I am very sad after reading the passing away of Sr. Mary Consuelo Ferrer, who was my first superior as a Contemplative in Quezon City.
I hope I will see her again someday....Please let me know how I can get in touch with Sister Felicidad Almeria and Sister Geraldine Ortuoste.
thank you very much.
28/01/2011 - william f. kuhlmann/usa
I am concerned about the unwed mothers in the Philippines and knowing how the women are treated there, If I can be of some help to them please let me know, OK.
I am a white man and do not let the email address scare you . I am retired from a government job and the Army too. I would like to be a sponsor to a mother who needs help and when the time comes, email me a photo of her and the baby that I will help sponsor:
My name is William f. Kuhlmann, 1565 Edmund Dr, Barnhart, Missouri 63012-1331?USA
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