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30/08/2010 - don and pat
please 'remember us' in your prayers, very critical need, our only refuge, only solace, is in our faith, +In The Wounded Heart of Mary pat
27/07/2010 - clare
15 years ago i was in hmv with some girls.thank you so much to the RGS congregation.hope i can meet the other girls in hmv 1994
30/07/2010 - marie gina pangle
i graduated in good shepherd - quezon city, philippines - 1976. i would appreciate it if somebody could just let me know where.. sister john is? thank you..this will be well appreciated.
15/07/2010 - Ludy del Rosario McManus
Dear Sisters.
Love your website. Can you please let me know the address of Sister Felicidad Almeria,
a Contemplative sister of the GoodShepherd? I would love to get in touch with her. I have lost contact with her through the years.
Also of Sister Geraldine Ortuoste, also a Contemplave sister of the Good shepherd.
Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much.
03/07/2010 - Virna
Dear Srs. (convent for unwed mothers in baguio) I wish to communicate with someone from the convent of the unwed mothers in baguio. please reply. my yahoo mail is Hope i can be enlightened... God Bless... Best regards, Virna
20/06/2010 - Girlie P. Salud
February 23rd until march 12th of 2010 is an event in my life that re-shaped and sharpened my whole-being. Thank you, my family in euphrasian residence. Taking steps away from my past, even for a short period of time, gives me a light and happy feeling around my heart . Most especially PEACE. I will forever thank you Sisters upeng, amor, Terrie,many others.
18/06/2010 - rosana
hi srs.,

i used to volunteer as telephone counselor with ProLife Phis. i wonder if you have any apostolate where my skills as counselor can be utilized (other than the telephone counseling). i would like to volunteer, maybe half-day once a week for these.

08/06/2010 - ruby delia singsonfb
i was privileged to study and stay at the good shepherd convent,QC, in 1964-1966. i owe a debt of gratitude to mother julia gonzales, sis st.rose, sis.james and all the other mothers (we used to call them mothers, and they had religious names..not their real names) i'd like to thank the good shepherd sisters for the formative years i spent with them.
05/05/2010 - Lucia Lucenara Hofmann
Dear Sisters, it is so wonderful to come across the website of my beloved school where I have spent some of the most wonderful years of my life. I did my education in the St. Euphrasia School Quezon City Aurora Bld. I still remember Sr. Menchie, Sr. Stanislau, and Miss Spania, though there were many others who shaped my life. was quite a while ago - 1984 ~ 1985 ..when I graduated from the school. And I still long to meet and talk with my friends from those times. If anyone reads this post and remembers me, or is from the same years from the school, please, please get in touch with me at ( I can only remember two names from those years - Charon Gumaro and Edith Rodeo. Hoping to hear from someone very best regards and warm wishes to to all the former and present students. God Bless

02/05/2010 - Rosemarie Estaris-Martinez
Dear Sisters,

i am based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and from first time i tasted the halayang ube from good shepherd baguio i became addicted to it. i would never dare touch any other ube jam except from good shepherd. But whenever i go home for short vacation...i feel that travelling all the way to baguio is just so time there any other place i can buy your ube jam and other cookies? my Aunt is coming come for a short visit this May and i would be asking her to buy me some ube jams to bring it here. also, i would like to know how long is the shelf life of the jam. thanks and God bless!
30/04/2010 - Joemarie S. Casama
hello sisters! I am from su-ay, Himamaylan, negros occidental. I just want to know where I could contact Sr. Pilar Quemada ? she was one of the assigned sisters in our place when I was in high school. tanx
26/04/2010 - Dona Mendoza
Dearest Sisters... I am a Bridgetine (HS batch '05, St. Bridget College, Batangas City). I would just like to express my gratitude to the RGS nuns who help me in maintaining a relationship with God. I especially would like to thank Sr. Celeste (who is now, I think, in Japan), Sr. Emy, Sr. Rose Ababao, Sr. Teresita Fiel, Sr. Lydia Ebora and Sr. Pia del Rosario. I hope to be a Religious of the Good Shepherd nun someday.

PS: I am also looking forward to meeting Sr. Pillar because I am a pro-life! God bless you, dear Sisters! You are all in my prayers.
25/04/2010 - Lorna Canlas
hi sisters, i just wanna ask where can i contact sister tess figueroa, i was writing her when i was in collage ( first year collage) from the university of the assumption in pampanga, i'm not sure if she can still remember me, im hoping sister that you will gonna help me reach her again. she helps me a lot and i wanna let her know that upto now she's still in my heart.

thanks a lot
22/04/2010 - Mary Ann
hello sisters. I belong to 1977-1978 group; just want to know where can I contact sisters mary john, sister lourdes cristobal, our principal and my dorm mates Marvie Cervantes, Jocelyn Giron, Lina Dugay, Tita, Marivic Agustin, Deeday Crespo, annabelle and portich sisters, sarah pangan and everybody from dorm 1 and dorm 3. Miss our group. "reunion naman tayo'

22/04/2010 - Lori Perry
I just love You peanut brittle....
I was wondering if your products are sold in the States?
I am in California.. best brittle I have ever had
08/04/2010 - Ping Zayas
Your website is very informative. Thank you dear Sisters of the Good Shepherd Sister for opening your doors to my daughter Luanne and myself. It is exactly 28 years ago, if stories be told (which we have loads to share), when I gave birth to my daughter in Cebu Maryhills. We stand in testimony and love for the Sisters support and love to us. THANK YOU. love, ping
12/03/2010 - Regina Kuizon
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