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Good Shepherd Partnership

Good Shepherd Partnership

1.      Basis for Good Shepherd Partnership

a.      2002 Provincial Chapter Preparation and Assembly

      • Aspiration for a common and sustained formation for lay mission partners
      • Yearning of the mission partners for the GS spirituality
      • Dream for a dynamic GS sisters-lay partnership in mission

b.      2003 Provincial Chapter

§         Acknowledged the important  role of lay partners with the approve directive that the lay co – workers be empowered not only to share responsibility but also power and Design and implement the Integrated Lay Formation Program

c.      2003 General Chapter recognized the laity who live the Good Shepherd Charism as a gift to the Congregation, the Church and the world

§         Find new path and means to share information to mutually enrich each other

d.      2008 Open Chapter

Partnership with the Laity (one of the seven major Province Broad Directions)

§   Strengthen relationship with Lay Mission Partners based on respect, mutuality, dignity and equality

§   Implement programs that will mutually prepare the sisters and laity in ensuring full partnership particularly sharing responsibility, power and authority

§   Develop clear and concrete guidelines and policies in terms of roles, functions, power and authority

2.      Good Shepherd Partnership Program

a.      GSP Team Members

Sr. Anya, Sr. Marion, Nelly Juan, Tess Barzaga



1.      Facilitation, Monitoring, Overseeing the Implementation of the Good Shepherd Partners Program

2.      Coordination with other Province Teams

3.      Networking and Linkages with International GSP


1.      To present and implement to the Province the Joint Formation Program

2.      To ensure inclusion of the Good Shepherd Partnership Program in community goals

3.      To formulate evaluation tool for community mid – year and end of the year assessment of the GSP Program

4.      To be available to the local communities for consultation

5.       To assist the Province Leadership Team, if they so desire in specific matters or cases concerning full partnership.


b.      GSP Organizational Structure

c.      GSP Strategic Plan

§   Directional Statement and Targets (2009 – 2014)

a.       Joint Formation Program

Joint Formation Program for Good Shepherd Sisters and Mission Partners aims to develop a common understanding of Good Shepherd spirituality and partnership in mission.

Targets: By 2014:

Joint Formation Program for Good Shepherd Sisters and Mission Partners is developed and implemented.


The culture of the Good Shepherd People is owned and witnessed as shared common core  values in mission partnership.


b.       GSP Operational Manual

Collaborative partnership with the laity for  mission is fostered through shared responsibility, power and authority.


Targets: By 2014,

Operational manual for Good Shepherd partnership is formulated and implemented.


Some (3 – 5) of the Good Shepherd ministries are administered by Good Shepherd mission partners.


d.      GSP Core Group Members


e.      GSP Local Community Representatives

f.       GSP Logo

g.      GSP Newsletter & Brochure

h.      GSP Database

§   Information Sheet for GS Partners


i.        Output of the GSP Core Group (April, 2010 Workshop with GSP Team Members)

§   GS Vision – Mission Statements


The Good Shepherd Mission Partnership of the RGS Philippine Province shapes and strengthens co-responsibility ensuring genuine partnership through shared power and authority. The partnership upholds the charism of compassion, reconciliation, and zeal enfleshed in relationships of respect and mutuality towards fulfilment of the Good Shepherd mission.



To cultivate collaborative partnership among the Good Shepherd people, we will “strive to be formed after the heart and sentiment of Jesus the Good Shepherd”. We will mutually enable ourselves actualize full partnership through appreciation of the complementarity of our different lifestyles. A joint formation process participated by Good Shepherd  people will lead us to move together towards “magkatuwang na paghahabi sa  mapagpalayang Pagpapastol.”


§   Status of Involvement of Good Shepherd Employees

Levels of Partnership

In terms of Levels of Partnership, the output of the deliberation of the Core Group is a COMMON understanding that at present, our Good Shepherd Mission Partners are classified according to their STATUS OF INVOLVEMENT in the Good Shepherd Ministry. They are either:

-          PAID STAFF

§         Enter into contract with specific task to do and corresponding remuneration as agreed upon and observing the labor laws

§         Can be probationary or regular for the full time staff

§         Given a regular staff formation focusing on the Good Shepherd Spirituality, they are invited to commit to a deeper level of witnessing the Good Shepherd charism and values


-          VOLUNTEERS

§   Work according to their expertise, talents, skills that they can share to the Good Shepherd mission

§   Don’t receive financial remuneration for the services rendered

§   Render voluntary services according to the needs of the ministries and the different communities


-          LAY AFFILIATE

§         They are attracted by the spirituality and mission of the Good Shepherd Congregation and seek to express the values of the Gospel in their lives

§         Commit themselves to seek out, to touch, to respond to peoples by modelling themselves on Jesus, the Good Shepherd

§         Support one another by coming together and participate in the days of prayer and retreats

§         Share in spiritual riches and heritage of the Good Shepherd congregation by entering into a more formal through non – canonical relationship with the congregation



§         Women and men; married or single who have decided  to deepen their spirituality and practice the Good Shepherd charism of service to the poor, the marginalized, wounded, etc.

§         Are identified with the Good Shepherd specific mission and programmes

§         Attend regular formation meetings

§         Share their time, talents and gifts to the Good Shepherd mission


§   Levels of Commitment to GS Ministry


1. Some will identify strongly with the Charism and will want      to pursue further ways of belonging and contributing         in the Mission.


The Core group formulated some INDICATORS for number 1 level of commitment to Good Shepherd Partnership:

o         Willingness to give time and prioritize the Good Shepherd                    Ministry

o        Positive motivation and outlook in life

o        Love for the Good Shepherd work

o        Spontaneous identification with the Good Shepherd charism        /spontaneous  attraction to the Good Shepherd work/ charism

o        Capacity to see the needs of the GS Ministry

o        Desire to express gratitude to the sisters who spent their lives in the  GS Mission

o        Commitment to the mission of the GS sisters

o        Internalize GS values as manifested in behaviours

and lifestyle.


2. Others are interested insofar as their relationships with Religious and Lay Partners are significant ones for them.  However, this may not mean that they claim themselves as partners, as being part of the mission.


3. Still others may be employed in   ministries and know something about the founder and his/her charism but would NOT personally resonate with the charism as such.


§   Description of the Culture of the Good Shepherd People

The discussion of the Core Group members led to the articulation of the following Values as essential components of the Culture of the Good Shepherd People:

o         Charism of Compassion – characterized by acceptance, welcoming spirit, well – being is given importance, loving concern, capacity to go beyond and timelessness is giving responses

o         Radical and fearless shepherding and helping the poor

o        Good Shepherd Spirituality characterized by the value of prayer, relationship with God, self and cosmos

o         WJPIC Thrust (Women, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation)

o         Value for the Dignity of Persons


3.      Echo to Local Communities (Singapore GSAPP Assembly -  August 12 – 16, 2010)

a.      Welcome House/Tahanan             August 27, 2010

b.      SBS – Buhi / Naga                    September 4, 2010

c.      Pastulan / Maryridge                   September 6, 2010

d.      Legaspi                                              September 28, 2010 

e.      Cagayan De Oro                           -        October 18, 2010

f.       Davao                              -        October 20, 2010