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Re: I cried for help when I needed my husband back (cc: Dr. Wakina) - Good Shepherd Sisters Philippines-Japan
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Re: I cried for help when I needed my husband back (cc: Dr. Wakina)

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Thread: Re: I cried for help when I needed my husband back (cc: Dr. Wakina)
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jessepayton51 - 25/04/2019 13:22

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Sir, please do help me and my husband get together again, we have known each other since High School. Through ups and downs trials and everything, we have been living together for 18 long years and has been married for 9 years. We were very happy but he suddenly got attached to a coworker (I have learned their relationship already through a reliable friend) which started December 2018 and ended this early February as I was told.

I am in tears now because he is breaking up with me and wants to be with the new girl all of a sudden, he never thinks of our marriage and family anymore, everything just gone in an instant and he is never like that. Sir please do help, I want him to stay and love me only. Almost half of our lives, sadness and happiness, trial and everything we have right now is because of each other, and now he suddenly chooses his coworker whom he barley knows. Help me to have him back to my arms again. Thank you.

A cry for helped revolved to tears of joy after Dr. Wakina’s intervention through his email (dr.wakinalovetemple-at-gmail.com), an instant solution was brought to our marriage on March 28 2019. It feels so good to be among those that Dr. Wakina has helped because I am now enjoying my dreams. My husband is 100 percent intact.

Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Wakina for help.
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