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Cluster Meetings and Assembly

We just want to recall with you the preparations that have been done.


Ø  March 15, 2013             - The 10th Province Chapter was convoked by Sr. Cecil

Ø  March 22, 2013             - PrepCom was constituted

Ø  April – December 2013   - Meetings of PrepCom

Ø  July 22-23, 2013            - NCR Cluster Meeting (all communities in Metro Manila

including 1043 communities)

Ø  July 25-26, 2013            - Cluster Meeting in Maryridge (Baguio, Isabela, Batangas,

Bukid Kabataan, Maryridge, Bahay Pastulan, and CGS-Tagaytay communities)

Ø  August 2-3, 2013           - Bicol Cluster Meeting in Iriga City (Buhi, Naga, Legazpi,

and CGS-Virac communities)

Ø  August 26-27, 2013        - Visayas-Mindanao Cluster Meeting in Banawa, Cebu

(Davao, Kalilid, CGS-Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Pagadian, Villa Maria-Cebu and CGS-Banawa communities)


          During the Cluster Meetings, Fr. Fred Dulay, MJ gave an input on the: RGS Pilgrimage and RGS as Theologians.


Ø  November 12, 2013       - Gathering of all chapter participants in Quezon City –

those who choose Mode I participation

Ø  November 13-14, 2013   - Province Assembly in Quezon City – for all Sisters in

Mode I, II, III.


          During the Province Assembly, Fr. Dulay facilitated the discernment process for the surfacing of names for the Province Leader. His sharing on the qualities of a leader was most helpful.


          The Broad Directions of 2008 were evaluated and discussed in all the Cluster Meetings and in the two gatherings on November 12-14, 2013. The collated evaluations of Broad Directions from all the communities were looked into. All the Province Teams gave their reports during the Province Assembly. In all these Cluster Meetings, Chapter Delegates’ Gathering and Province Assembly, the following Priorities/Broad Directions surfaced to be finalized at the Chapter for the next 6 years according to the ranking given.


-          Prophetic Ministries

-          Good Shepherd Spirituality/Holistic Formation

-          Partnership with the Laity

-          Vocation Promotion

-          Leadership & Governance

-          Stewardship