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Being in the mission...

Good Shepherd presence



Sisters and  Ministries


Sr. Yolanda Borbon RGS
Congregational Treasurer
Generalate, Rome

Sr. Genoveva Dumay RGS
Program Officer, Mission Development Office
Generalate, Rome

Sr. Tarcila Abaño RGS
Staff, Spirituality Center
Mother House, Angers, France

Sr. Magdalena Oliva CGS
Innsbruck, Austria - Province of Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic

Sr. Elizabeth Garciano CGS
Innsbruck, Austria - Province of Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic

Sr. Elena Jalop CGS
Innsbruck, Austria - Province of Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic


Sr. Felicitas Nisperos RGS
HongKong - Northeast Asia Province

Sr. Peter Eymard Chua RGS
HongKong - Northeast Asia Province

Sr. Rosalina Wee RGS
Taiwan, Northeast Asia

Sr. Rosa Viloria RGS
Macau, Northeast Asia

Sr. Rita Danganan RGS
South Korea- Northeast Asia

Sr. Bonaventure Mirasol RGS
Thailand- East Asia Province

Sr. Celeste Yuzon RGS

Sr. Mercy Ang RGS

Africa (RIMOA- Network of The Isles, Middle East  and Africa)

Sr. Carmelita Medenilla RGS
Ethiopia -Ireland/Ethiopia Province

Sr. Clemencia Flora  RGS
Ethiopia -Ireland/Ethiopia Province 

Sr. Fe de Paz CGS

Sr. Lourdes Sevilla RGS
Sector of Kenya

Sr. Juanita Daño RGS
Sector of Senegal

Sr. Mary John Dumaug RGS
Sudan - Province of Egypt/Sudan

North America

Sr. Tomasita Antigua RGS

Sr. Angela Battung RGS

Sr. Mercy de Leon RGS
Mid-North America

Sr. Bernard Derayunan
Mid-North America

Sr. Olga Malou Cristobal
Mid-North America

"In reflecting my experience of participating in the mission of Jesus in Kenya (year 2005-2008), I realized that as a missionary and as people we are called to go out of ourselves, leave our comfort zone and to cross boundaries and borders in order to meet the suffering in the world and that our lives through actions need to reconcile the lived reality for so many of fear and despair of God's message of love and hope.
In Kenya, I felt enriched and received more that what I shared to the Sisters in the community and to the Sisters in Formation and to the young girls who studied vocational skills in our program for income generating. My visits to the HIV-Aids patients and families in    the slum areas taught me how to live in hope and trust in God's mercy and kindness in spite of the difficulties in life.
I believe we can be missionaries not only in a foreign country but also in our own country. In USA the Spirit calls us to collaborate in carrying the mission of Jesus by working with the chemically dependent women who are homeless, with the ever growing awareness of  and concern about the needs of immigration, home bound, refugees, sale of handcrafting justice products, reach out to Native Americans, campus ministry in the residential care programs run by lay people, advocacy and many more ministries.
I am grateful to God for the challenges, blessings and gifts I received in the mission."

Sr. Olga Malou with the children (above) and the sisters of the Sector of Kenya (below).

Sr. Fidelis Lubos
Mid-North America

Sr. Stanislaus de Polonia
Mid-North America

But I have been a missionary here in the States since 1984 in the former St. Louis Province. During that time I was assigned in Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis & New Orleans. It was when I was in New Orleans that the merging of 4 provinces happened. I was in New Orleans for almost 5 years, when Katrina struck in 2005.  We closed the house in New Orleans. Since 2005 till now I have been here in Chicago. I worked in the Child Care dept. I loved working in this dept. They call me the grandma. I keep telling the sisters that I like/enjoy working with these children because you can see the working of God's graces very clearly manifested in the transformation of the children form the day they come to the day they leave, From the crying, fearful, angry etc. children to happy, loving, polite & lovable "creatures". 

Sr. Jude Uy
Mid-North America

Sr. Stella Mangona
Mid-North America

Sr. Edith Olaguer
New York