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+ Sr. M. Natividad Banaag RGS - sr.naty_banaag_(21)_

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Album: + Sr. M. Natividad Banaag RGS
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+ Sr. M. Natividad Barrion Banaag, Decemberr 24, 1924-August 7, 2012


1. marena 10/10/2012 17:57:46
I have lost contact of my favorite Nun; Sister Natividad Banaag. We use to write letters back and forth and all of a sudden letters stopped between both of us...due to my busy life with my own little family. October 7,2012 My Fiance Greg, gave me the greatest news I've been waiting to hear and that was that he was going to send me back to Manila Philippines for a visit. I started to research some info about the Philippines. I knew that the first person I wanted to see when I arrive there was Sister Naty. I took out our old letters we have written back and forth to each other and decided to google her last address which was the Good Shepherd Convent and was brought to this website and to find out that she just passed away not too long ago in August 2012. My heart hurts so much because I never got to THANK Sister Naty for being there for me through the hardest time in my life.I have lost my biological family but she found another family for me, my adopted family here in the U.S. in Palisade Colorado. Everyday I thought about her and missed her with so very much. I hoped and prayed to one day THANK her face to face. I am still looking for answers and wanting to see and thank other sisters and Daddy Cris. If there are any sisters out there that knew me and took care of me in Caritas Manila Philippines PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a hold of me. Before its too late to thank you and see you in person. Thats all i prayed for was to one day come back and see everyone of you. Sister Naty meant so much to me, she will always be loved and missed by me and hope to one day see her again in heaven where she is watching over us. So if you remember me they called me little "Weng Weng" aka Maria Rowenna and now my name is Marena Anne Pastor Gumber.
I am also looking for Cris Castro, I called him Daddy Cris. Last time I heard was he works at the City Mayors Office and does Magic during his free time. He was the boy- scout leader who found me on Taft Avenue and took me to Caritas Manila. If you have any letters that sister.Naty wrote to a girl named Jo-an Please let me know also. Sister Naty said she was going to try to see her in Cebu. These are the sisters I remember, sorry if I spell the names wrong: Sister. LuLu, Sister.Floor and my Ate Cecille. My contacts are below. Thank you and God Bless!!
Weng Weng " Maria Rowenna" (Marena Anne Pastor Gumber)
contact info:
facebook page: Marena Gumber you might have to search people in the U.S.A Palisade Colorado but Marena Gumber is my user name on facebook oh and I have another facebook page its called: M.A.G. Photography you might have to push "like" to see my page
phone number: 970-691-3978
mailing address: P.O.Box 173
Palisade Colorado, 81526

If you need a friend to talk to I am willing to make friends :)

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