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The meaning of our 2014 Chapter logo



At the center of the logo is Jesus, the Good Shepherd,  the core of our vocation and mission represented by the crook/staff and the heart that is open to the future.


The Spirit inflames us, red and bright yellow, that make us daring to enflesh our three-fold themes for our centennial, that of Weaving Compassion, Embracing Challenges, Forging Hope. These three themes are represented by the blue and green lines (blue-peace, and green new life) emanating from the heart of God.


Our aspirations to be bold in our dreams and courageous in our actions can only be realized if we respond to the fire of the spirit raging in us that will create new life in our world, our province, our communities and our mission.


The logo was designed by Sr. M. Loreen Granada RGS