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Centennial Celebrations

SME Celebrations:



Here in Baguio, our girls in  the RVR (Rose Virginie Residence) were asked to write on Mother Foundress re their experience/encounter with MF.  Some of them were asked to read their "masterpieces" at Mass this morning while the others will share during their Morning Prayer in the Center.  Some of them have become instant poets and composers of songs on Mother Foundress.


Sr. Jane Pineda

Centennial Celebrations


Date: July 25, 2010

Event: Sports Festival: "Palaro ng Pasasalamat"
Description:  sports event and fellowship among present BEC Communities and Kaunlaran Multi-Purpose Cooperative (KMPC)-Chirstian Children's Fund (CCF) Alumni Association (beneficiaries of Good Shepherd Program in the 70s-90s)
Venue: SASES Court, A. Francisco St., San Andres Bukid, Manila
responsible:  RGS Tahanan Community, BEC Leaders, KMPC-CCF Alumni Assoc leaders

Date: July 31, 2010

Event: Celebration of 214th Birthday of SME and of Good Shepherd presence in San Andres Bukid
Description: Eucharistic Celebration and Program: "Pasasalamat ang Alaala ng Puso" to be taken part by BEC, BEC-Youth members and KMPC-CCF Alumni Association in thanksgiving for the 100 years of Good Shepherd Presence in the Philippines and 41 years in San Andres Bukid Manila (1971-2012)
Venue: Holy Family Parish, San Andres Bukid, Manila
responsible: RGS Tahanan Community, BEC Leaders, Lay Mission Partners and KMPC-CCF Alumni Assoc Leaders